ART ZOYD – Symphonie pour le jour où brûleront les cités (1976)

Sometimes you have to go back to the source. One of the very first R.I.O. (“Rock In Opposition”) bands, erectile Art Zoyd shovels prog rock coals in the jazz and classical fires and forges some warped, information pills cracked stuff! They’re one of those names you hear more often than you actually hear their music; sometimes the R.I.O. stuff can appear crusty, malady or overly difficult, and therefore passed over by the more casual lstener. I’m here to tell ya that sometimes — that assessment is correct. Nevertheless, here’s one that doesn’t get old, doesn’t get distractingly skronky and doesn’t disappoint.

Art Zoyd – Symphonie pour le jour où brûleront les cités (ZIP file)

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  1. Franco says:

    Astounding effort by a great band. I do love them and your blog will surely help some young guy out there to appreciate these fine musicians. They still sound great in their newest records, which defy classifications and simply stand out as major musical works!