I love these guys — they remain one of my favorite UK prog bands. As a follow-up to my post many moons ago of a ’71 set of theirs, erectile here’s some more stuff: 1) their first LP, “The Aerosol Grey Machine” (1969), which has been out-of-print for a while now; 2) some deleted tracks from the “Pawn Hearts” sessions from ’71, which were to have made up the second half of the proposed double-album version; and 3) a collection of live BBC radio appearances.

Van Der Graaf Generator – “The Aerosol Grey Machine” LP, 1969 (ZIP file)
Van Der Graaf Generator – “Pawn Hearts” 2xLP version deleted tracks, 1971 (ZIP file)
Van Der Graaf Generator – “Vision-Erg: BBC 1969-1971″ (ZIP file)

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  1. caleb says:

    Yes! I’ve been on a hunt and it ends here. Thanks Bret.

  2. Monty says:

    Thanks! I love sprawling double lp’s …now my ‘Pawn Hearts’ has become one…the perfect soundtrack to a rainy Saturday, along with Sonic Youth’s ‘Daydream Nation’ and ‘Electric Ladyland’…the BBC stuff is cool too. Cheers, cove!!!

  3. AL Puppy says:

    Pawn Hearts (Part 2) is awesome. Spent the best part of yesterday listening to it until my kids (aged 22 and 19) started making strange moaning sounds and twitching uncontrollably…

  4. Stephen Parkin says:

    I didn’t realise that the extra Pawn Hearts stuff existed, except as an idea, or lost tapes. Thanks!

  5. penelope says:

    Here are their tour dates for the summer

    19: Bethlehem
    24: Falls Church
    25: Cleveland, OH
    26: Chicago
    27: Milwaukee, WI
    29: buffalo, NY
    30 Pittsburgh, PA

    8: Ottowa
    9: Montreal
    10: Quebec

    hope this helps

  6. Bryan Swirsky says:

    just saw VDGG last night @ the nokia theatre in nyc – with the acoustic strawbs as the opener – and all i can say is that if the band are within 1000 miles of your home, you need to go. period. no exceptions!

  7. jim vdg says:

    I’m looking for vdgg 2009 concert photos for my site

  8. first off let me say great blog..full of surprises i’ve added you to my blog roll
    secondly the pawn hearts stuff is not the missing sides three and four. i did a long interview with david jackson back in 1990 and this was the first time i heard about the original double album heres what he had to say:
    We had mixed feelings about ‘Pawn Hearts’ because we’d recorded a double album and it had been decided that it was not ‘prudent’ to release a double LP at that time, so it had to come out as a single album. There was a track called ‘Archimedes Agnostic’ I think, and Guy had a backwards drum piece. The other titles are lost to oblivion though, as is the master tape. It’s the biggest mystery of all: what happened to the lost half of ‘Pawn Hearts’? We put a lot of work and ideas into it, one time we went into the studio and set up everything and then played a Van der Graaf song live straight off, recording it in mono and putting it onto one track of the 24 – then we did the same thing on the second track with a totally different song and so-on until at the end of the day, we had twenty four Van der Graaf Generators all playing simultaneously. We mixed it all together and used a section of it on ‘Lighthouse Keepers’ near to the line ‘…maelstrom of my memory’ although to be frank, hearing it back now it hardly seems worth the effort. (N.B. Other sources indicate that the missing side 3 of ‘Pawns’ included live-in-the-studio versions of ‘Killer’ and ‘Darkness’ and that side 4 included a track called ‘Iceberg’)

    three of the tracks in your zip are certainly outtakes from the sessions but were outtakes never intended for the finished album and the forth squid, octopus one is in fact from the withdrawn early american pressing of aerosol grey machine

    also to clear up the mystery of you previous vdgg post..acording to david the band never could play plague of lighthouse keepers live all the way through..though they did do sections of it a few times at the start..the version you have put up is from belgium tv (hense the great quality) and they recorded it live but in sections and then put the parts together to make a whole performance…. here again is what david had to say

    We also invented the ‘crossover’, where half the band would be playing one piece against the other half playing another so there would be all these currents and sweeping effects.We were really good at it and the effect was tremendous, but it was too difficult to re-create live at that time. We mastered live crossovers later on Meurglys III. ‘Pioneers over C’ from ‘H to He’ was beyond the pail – it was impossible to do live, and as for ‘Plague of Lighthouse Keepers’, well it could never be done. Whenever we played Europe there were always offers to do TV shows – there was one time that we turned up at some Belgian TV station and they said to us “Ah, you are now ready to do ‘Lighthouse Keepers’. We have the entities.

  9. whoops sorry hit the submit button too soon and messed up the end…ignore the we have the entities and continue from here

    We have the candles and sparklers, everything is ready.” We just panicked – nobody had warned us, but there seemed no way out of it so we did it in sections and edited it together. I’m glad we did – I’ve only seen it once and I was very moved by it. But then it wasn’t really live and Van der Graaf live and Van der Graaf recording remain two separate entites