Back in May, what is ed I previously posted a few Rundgren things, and had some unkind words to say about the majority of his discography.

I still feel the same way. But I found something else that I thought was cool, and worth sharing.

Back in ’72, Rundgren strung together a strange hour-long audio collage of rare bits and studio trickery that was solely intended as a radio promotional companion piece for his “Something/Anything” 2xLP — in the past, it’s been bootlegged as “The Todd Rundgren Radio Show”.

One of Rundgren’s greatest strengths is his ability to be a studio prankster, using the facilities and the technology to fuck around to his heart’s delight. This is one of the more fascinating products of that urge.

Todd Rundgren – The Todd Rundgren Radio Show” (ZIP file)
Todd Rundgren on Amazon MP3 Store

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  1. Diego says:

    love this show, the kind of information overload i like for this thing. thanks a lot for this.

  2. ken vail says:

    i am a huge fan of his 2004 lp ‘LIARS’, i like about half of his most recent one ‘ARENA’….but really, you can’t knock someone as talented and adventurous as Todd….and what a resume as a producer.

  3. Interesting claim, 90%. Todd never makes music out of habit. He’s reinventing himself, and his music, constantly. If you’re hooked on one style or really like 1 album, you’re up for big disappointments because the next record will look nothing like the previous. So I can see, if you like Hermit of Mink Hollow a lot, people would have problems with for example No World Order. Or if they feel Arena was awesome, they would stay away from Healer. OR if they’re nuts about A Wizard A True Star they may think With a Twist is cheesy. I personally love Todd. Not because I love all of his music all of the time. But because you can’t pigeonhole the guy. Being from Amsterdam, I had to watch the worldpremiere of A Wizard, yesterday in Akron, on the internet. And again I was impressed. Some things may go wrong, but I’d rather see and taste the creative process than watch another prefab boyband or some other over commercialized concert.
    Thanks for putting this online and making me think about why I love this musical genius.

  4. Rick says:

    Thanks for posting this. I’ve tried to get a copy of this for years. I have a very poor copy on a cassette tape. This is much better quality.
    I saw Todd perform A Wizard A True Star in Akron on Sunday night. Awesome. The music sounded great live. I’ve been a huge fan since the Nazz. And I can appreciate how the diversity of his musical offerings can alienate some. The first time I saw him live, at the now defunct Valley Forge Music Fair, he came out in a fairy costume and sang Never Never Land – to tapes ! He continued to sing to tapes throughout the set, accompanying himself on acoustic guitar and piano. It was the analog version of his later Apple Powerbook shows. At intermission, I would estimate that about half the audience left. He then came back with a prototype of Utopia, featuring John Siomos on drums, John Siegler on bass, Jacque-yves Labat (M. Frog), and others I no longer remember. They blew the doors off ! It was the first time anyone had heard songs like Heavy Metal Kids, Everybody’s Going to Heaven/King Kong Reggae, Number 1 Lowest Common Denominator, and featured blazing guitar, leaping crazed Labat on Theramin and synths, an amazing powerful performance. During the second set, another half of the audience left, those looking for ballads and singer-songwriter selections. The remaining crowd was given an aural treat.

  5. bret says:

    To clarify what I said in my original Rundgren post — I believe 90% of the Rundgren catalog to be BANAL.

    He’s a whiz in the studio, and accomplished on every front, but the majority of his recorded material, after having listened to it ALL over the course of two weeks a while back, left me with the impression that, with the exception of “A Wizard, A True Star”, “Todd” and the first Utopia LP, he’s a first-class schmaltzmeister.


  6. Utopiagren says:

    It is time for the music world to serve him justice and put his genius into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame where he belongs.