TINY TIM – “I LOVE ME” & “GIRL” (1993/6)

Before I heard a note of Tiny Tim’s music, remedy I first was fascinated by him after I saw an apperance of his on “Downey”, Morton Downey, Jr.’s second, less-controversial talk show (after the truly wild “The Morton Downey Jr. Show”, which, if anybody has any tapes of out there, I’d love to do some trading with ya!). This was in either ’95 or ’96, right before Tiny Tim passed away. Tiny cut a grim, ghostly figure — portly, ghoulish and mostly out-of-breath. During the whole bizarre 30-minute interview, Tiny played not a note of music, yet had a ukelele with him on stage the entire time. I was captivated by this truly strange man, and then only later found out that he had captured the public’s attention in the late ’60s with the LP “God Bless Tiny Tim”, which I heard for the first time only recently, and loved.

I also recently tracked down a few other of Tiny’s records, specifically his final few, which include these two, “I Love Me” and “Girl”. “I Love Me” is the more interesting of the two, while “Girl”, recorded with a backing band called Brave Combo, lapses into maudlin smooth-jazzy stuff all too easily.

Tiny Tim – I Love Me (1993, ZIP file)
Tiny Tim – Girl (1996, ZIP file)

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  1. armeur H says:

    I love so much tiny tim ! thank you !

  2. Z says:

    I remember watching a bio piece on Tiny Tim in the mid-90s & was also immediately fascinated. At that point he only lived in hotels, used reams of paper towels in lieu of real towels, & didn’t spit out the toothpaste after he brushed his teeth. Wow.

  3. Mushroom says:

    Additionally, he said on a talkshow near the end of his life (I really wish I remembered which, I watched it myself… Johnny Carson maybe?) that he didn’t use toilet paper. After using the potty, he’d take a shower. Which struck me as odd because he had some of the softest skin around (the host touched his hand and was surprised) and that many showers would dry you out, but maybe he was into moisturizer. That must have been something, potty breaks taking upwards of 20 minutes…

  4. gene says:

    I interviewed him when I was in college. He was gracious and truly eccentric and I liked him immediately. He was a great student of American pop music and his love for it shines thru every song. There’s no one like Tiny, and never will be again.

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