THE SOFT MACHINE – Noisette: Live 1970

Any ECR reader who’s been paying attention the last several months will have noticed my serious boner for Kevin Ayers (see here, purchase here and here). Here’s a good live set from the “Canterbury Scene” band from which he emerged. sez:

The most important band among all those born in Canterbury was The Soft Machine. The band emerged in 1967 as the quartet of Robert Wyatt (drums, vocals), Mike Ratledge (keyboards), Kevin Ayers (bass, vocals) and Daevid Allen (guitar, vocals). For the next few years, through a number of personel changes, consequently their sound has changed constantly over the years of their existence. This band would assist in the emergence of the Canterbury Sound (Caravan, Matching Mole, Egg, Hatfield & The North, and many more). Many careers began with The Soft Machine: Robert Wyatt (Matching Mole band and solo artist), Kevin Ayers (later his own Whole World band and solo artist), and Daevid Allen (later Gong and solo artist).

The Soft Machine – Noisette: Live 1970 (ZIP file)

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  1. dee jay sea says:

    I have a boner for your boner for Ayers….is that gay?

  2. Mark L says:

    Excellent stuff. You appear to have labelled it Slint though, which got me even more excited (as I love Slint, they were there when I was discovering all this wonderful non-mainstream music).