SESAME STREET – “Sesame Street Fever” & “Sesame Disco” LPs (1978/9)

I’ve recently gone through a huge Jim Henson re-appreciation phase — and somehow forgot that there were countless Sesame Street LPs, doctor some of which I had as a small child, malady and wore out the grooves of by playing over and over again.

Amazing how things that are some important to you at certain ages get completely buried by the mind, and when they’re unearthed at random decades later, it makes you feel silly for having forgotten them in the first place.

Anybody out there have any more of the Sesame Street albums besides these? For some reason, it’s been tough going on tracking them down in the blogosphere.

“Sesame Street” cast – “Sesame Disco” & “Sesame Street Fever” LPs (ZIP file)

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  1. Nicholas says:

    Hey Bret–Many years ago when you were getting rid of all your records you gave me a Sesame Street record called “Letters, Numbers, and Signs” that you seemed fond of. I still have it, if you want it back for digitizing. Or maybe you have a digital copy anyway, but if you need the record, it’s just chillin’ in my bookcase.

  2. king of england says:

    WFMU linked this a few days ago. It’s rather great.

  3. Tim B. says:

    Now I’ve seen it all. I was one of the kid singers on Sesame Disco. I think I was about 12 at the time. Pretty funny to see here.

    “Me Lost Me Cookie At the Disco” is a stone cold classic.

  4. psb says:

    thanks for these – here’s my up of:

    Sesame Street – Born To Add – Great Rock and Roll

    1. Born to Add – Christopher Cerf
    2. Cereal Girl – Ivy Austin
    3. Count Up to Nine – Jerry Nelson
    4. Opposite Song – Chrissy, Christopher Cerf, Chrissy
    5. Ten Commandments of Health – Thad Mumford
    6. Honk Around a Clock
    7. Me Going to Munch You, Munch You, Munch You – Frank Oz
    8. (I Can’t Get No) Co-Operation – Christopher Cerf, Sesame Street, Sesame
    9. I Am Chicken – Louise Gold
    10. With Every Beat of My Heart – The Monotones, Jerry Nelson
    11. I Wish I Had a Friend to Play With Me – Bert, Frank Oz
    12. Count It Higher – Chrissy, Christopher Cerf, Chrissy
    13. Octopus Blues – Kevin Clash
    14. Barn in the U. S. A. – Barnyard Animals, , Christopher Cerf

  5. i have archived some of my fave audio segments from the original show, like “ladybug picnic,” “capital I,” and “fat cat sat,” among others. i don’t know if these are readily available in the net, but i will post them if desired.

  6. Mr Fab says:

    Oh, heck yeah. Picked up a Sesame St Greatest Hits in the early 90s, been picking up the occasional Muppets/Sesame LPs ever since. I posted a track from Sesame St Disco a couple years ago on WFMU’s 365 Project cuz that whole classic is inexplicably OOP, tho many are in print.

    Most recently rescued Miss Piggy’s Aerobique Exercise Workout Album from Amoeba’s 99cent vinyl section. Hey, I should post that one on my blog…

  7. tyler says:

    W@W! i too hav gone thru a major hensen phaze. odd how these things all happen at the same time. fresh jams just posted at ovr at rhizome (altho they left out som great Cruikshank). gotta love scanimation.\

  8. fritzthecat says:

    lovely stuff

  9. brandon says:

    love it, cookie monster in the gate fold looking like gorge Clinton is the shit! the only thing that comes close to this is miss piggys work out recod Snackcercise!