Here’s one I know next to nothing about — and sometimes that’s half the magic, try innit?

This is another Krautrock nugget, seek a double LP with a single track taking up each side, and healthy dose of cranky narration in German. There’s some meandering, to be sure, but there’s also some spectacular moments, if you’re willing to wade through the water. As far as not knowing what the narration is about in the slightest — I don’t think that really matters. If you’re willing to give this one a whirl in the first place, then you’ll get past it, no problem.

I believe this was one that I picked up from the always-spectacular Mutant Sounds blog — and when I went back to check to see what they’d written about the record, they only had this to say:

Sorry no infos found in English. This is their 2nd release.

Oktober – “Die Pariser Commune” LP (ZIP file)

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  1. Michiel says:

    Seems this concept album refers to this fenomenon:

    check the Deutsch version of this wiki entry for a referral to the band Oktober:

    Well pretty lazy websearches from my side but maybe of any use.
    Love the blog btw, and I enjoyed the tracks of your band when I listened to them on Myspace some time ago.