Here’s the debut album from one of the classic Krautrock era’s most overlooked bands. This platter’s full of chewy synth portamento, mind mangled English-as-a-second-language lyrics and tightly-wound rhythms — all qualities that appeal directly to my infantile backbrain. Greg Northrup, website like this on, sez:

“Banished Bridge” is the first album from what was perhaps the best purely symphonic progressive rock band to come out of Germany…[a]lthough the debut has some stylistic differences from “classic” Novalis, that is English vocals and no electric guitar, the basic vibe of those records is definitely present in a fully mature form.  Instrumentally, the band is dominated by Lutz Rahn’s organ, which gives “Banished Bridge” an earthier edge.  The solemn, yet romantic tone of the band’s compositions is exquisitely developed, and the album has an addictive melodic edge…The title track in particular is absolutely superb, as grinding organ motifs build from grandiose orchestral thrusts, complemented by deep mellotron colors, into driving sections highlighted by whizzing Moog duels.  A great record that should be immediately acquired by fans of the band’s later work.

Novalis – “Banished Bridge” LP (ZIP file)

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  1. ronny fuckin' dobbs says:

    Welcome back and thanks for the krautrock!@

  2. fritz says:

    I hate the term ‘krautrock’ – it’d be like calling kletzmer ‘bagel folk’ or something

  3. IRISHTER says:

    Love it… heard some of this (Banished Bridge same tune but spoken rather than sung) on one of your Krautrock podcasts and wanted more. Thanks!