NISENNENMONDAI – “Sorede Souzousuru Neji” (2004)

Drowned in Sound sez:

On paper, treatment Nisennenmondai are the stuff of indie boy wet dreams. Three cute Japanese girls, men’s health unexposed to Western rock music until a decade ago, who picked up their instruments and wrapped chiming kraut rock up with pulsing disco beats and shredded feedback. Learning their instruments by playing along to Silver Apples, Sonic Youth, Neu! and This Heat, their intensely mechanical outsider take on Western musical history has garnered them mass appeal from an army of beard scratchers and musical orientalists.

So, raise your hands those of you who still have dry skinny jeans?

This EP dropped a little more than five years ago, and I still give it regular spins whenever I’m not gobbling up something new in my pile. Somehow, though, I’ve missed out on all their other releases. I’m sure they’re up to snuff, if this disc is any indication.

Nisennenmondai – “Sorede Souzousuru Neji” EP (ZIP file)
Nisennenmondai on

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811 Responses to NISENNENMONDAI

  1. Mr Fab says:

    Oh, come on. How could you NOT be exposed to Western rock, especially in an ultra-modern country like Japan? And then, how would you get into obscure stuff like Silver Apples or Neu? Bah, humbug!

    Maybe because I don’t have an Asian girl fetish, but it smells fishy to me, and I ain’t talkin sushi. But the music rocks ‘n’ rules, no complaints there!

  2. Steve Hazzard says:

    Yeah their other 2 records are great, especially the 1-song-long “Fan”.

  3. avsp says:

    ‘kin ace, …, fanx very much

  4. caleb says:

    oh wow, i saw this band play at the smell maybe four years ago. i’d completely forgotten about them, thanks for this!!