NICHOLS & MAY – 2 albums

This is one of the most warm and fuzzy posts I’ve done in a long time, erectile possibly since I put up Steve Allen’s “How To Think” LP from 1960-something. Comedy College sez:

Mike Nichols and Elaine May met at the University of Chicago where they created a dramatic style of comedy that was based more on character and motivation than snappy patter and gags. Their formula was really pretty simple: they took every opportunity to expose our flaws. Technology and psychology couldn’t stand up against imperfect human emotions in their routines. In 1960, diagnosis they starred in their own Broadway show after they gained immense popularity in New York. They split up soon afterward, both going on to direct films and occasionally reteaming for charity events.

And, Allmusic sez:

Within their dialogues, Nichols and May unleash a dry, acerbic, and consistently intellectual humor. Their dialogues are deeply rooted in astute observations of the absurdities that perpetually bombard the modern everyman. A noir reality tethers the off-centered sense of humor that drives Nichols and May throughout these scenes. The banter that effortlessly flows between them in and of itself is not filled with jokes. In fact, there are probably more awkward silences than straightforward jokes. What is undeniably funny is the lethal accuracy of the realistic portrayals of the characters…

This duo’s effortless charisma and ability never fails to bring a smile to my face. You may have also heard the names of these two, for they both went onto prominent film directing careers [Mike Nichols = The Graduate, Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?, Working Girl; Elaine May = The Heartbreak Kid (original), Mikey & Nicky, Ishtar (yes, that Ishtar)].

Nichols & May – “Improvisations To Music”, 1959 (ZIP file)
Nichols & May – “Nichols & May Examine Doctors”, 1961 (ZIP file)

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  1. Encyclopedia Brown says:

    Wow! I’ve been looking for these all over, and they’re either wildly over-priced (or, rather, out of my price range) or in cruddy condition. Thanks a ton for sharing them, and while I’m at it, thanks for all the other terrific stuff you share with us. You continue to make my life immeasurably better. Cheers.

  2. codeverifier says:

    Thanks. These cheered up a rainy and cold (but otherwise not disagreeable) day in may. Saw on wiki that he was born in Berlin and that her original surname is Berlin. Topic of their first ever conversation?

  3. HJ says:

    Thanks for the terrific albums. These two were (are?) hilarious. By the by, the download links are reversed in name.

    Best regards, HJ

  4. Furrball09 says:

    Having trouble unzipping Track 1 on the Improvisations To Music album. Can you please repost? Thanks.

  5. Friends of NM says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    we’d like to thank you very much for offering this excellent download offer for free of the album “Improvisations to Music” by Mike Nichols & Elaine May.
    Here in Germany it is very hard to optain these above mentioned artists. If this album would be offered in a shop then for quite a lot of money.
    We would be very delighted if anyone can acquire the lyrics of the improvisations. Thanks in advance! We’re looking for the vinyl version of “An evening with Nichols & May” and “The Best of N. & M.”.
    Best regards, Friends of NM

  6. donanderson says:

    thanks so much for posting these. have been looking for these albums for over 30 years. I really thought I would never hear them again. You have made my day!!! Eternal gratitude.