NATIONAL LAMPOON – 2 albums (1974-5)

I’ve been on a comedy kick over the past few weeks, link sucking all I can find — and when you’re a record collector like me, that’s a whole lot of sucking.

As a precocious little kid, I loved National Lampoon Magazine. Sure, I also loved “Animal House”, the “Vacation” series and all that, but the magazine held sway over me ’cause I was also a bookworm in addition to being film nerd. The magazine was the perfect mixture of nasty, dirty and literate — but for the most part, I was completely unaware of the publication’s groundbreaking ’70s history, until I went to college and discovered that there Internet.

The magazine produced several LPs that were magazine tie-ins, and often featured performers also heard on the National Lampoon Radio Hour, the short-lived mid-’70s comedy radio show which was a precursor to “Saturday Night Live”. These folks included John Belushi, Bill Murray, Brian Doyle-Murray, Chevy Chase and Christopher Guest.

To my surprise, MP3 downloads of three of these albums (“That’s Not Funny, That’s Sick!”, “The White Album” and “Sex, Drugs, Rock ‘N Roll and the End of the World”) for sale on Amazon and iTunes, but here’s two more that are currently unavailable: “Goodbye Pop” (1975), and “The Missing White House Tapes” (1974). More Nat Lamp stuff to come shortly — if anyone’s interested in those other three albums above, drop me a line and I can privately send you links to them –

National Lampoon – “The Missing White House Tapes”, 1974 (ZIP file)
National Lampoon – “Goodbye Pop”, 1975 (ZIP file)

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  1. percy dovetonsils says:

    Thank you for this. If you’re interested, I can send you a large run of the original NL radio shows I got off one of those OTR sites a little while ago. I can’t vouch for their quality, since I haven’t yet listened to them.

  2. James says:

    I have the National Lampoon box set that Rhino released in the mid-90s (I’m convinced they deleted it about five minutes after it went to stores). It is a blast to listen to. The cast album for Lemmings (the NL musical parody of the Woodstock festival) is also worth seeking out – it was reissued on CD not too long ago. John Belushi’s imitation of Joe Cocker comes from this. Even Chevy Chase is funny on this one, with a devastating John Denver song parody.

    By the way – listening to the box set, it’s refreshing to hear Belushi do great comedy bits as characters other than the crazy animal type. He could do a great straight man in the best Bud Abbott tradition.

  3. Encyclopedia Brown says:

    I’m with James on the box set assessment. It’s pretty much wall-to-wall hilarious, a slightly less broad version of early SNL, with a slightly better cast (Christopher Guest, etc). It’s worth seeking out, if you’re so inclined.

    Also, great work as always. Thanks very much for the continued fantastic work.

  4. Yeah! Could you hit me with the links to the other Nat Lamp LP’s? I’m thinking I might as well get as many of them as I can.



  5. John The Punk says:

    I would love the links to the other National Lampoon albums. I have the ones you mentioned on (scratchy) vinyl. Have you heard any of the older ones such as “Radio Dinner”?

  6. Paul troon says:


    I know I have ran across Radio Dinner out there somewhere.

  7. Standing In The Footsteps of Giants says:

    Just discovering the National Lampoon stuff – grew up on Belushi, Murray et al – brings back fond memories of NYC in the 80′s when i was a little kid!! (yeah i know ages me quite a bit).

    So a million blessings for posting these shows and albums – would love to hear the others if they are still available!

  8. mrmeanor says:

    Thanks so much for Goodbye Pop. I’ve been looking for it on cd for years. It’s amazing that their two best albums, Radio Dinner and Goodbye Pop, have never been released on cd that I know of. Art Rock Suite is absolutely classic and Down to Jamaica is a hoot. Gilda falling apart on I Am Woman is hilarious and B-Side of Love is the only country song I’ll ever play on my radio show. Thanks again, you’ve made my year.

  9. Radio_Brain says:

    Thanks for this valuable insight into what makes any thinking or not-so thinking person’s funny bone tickle, I really liked the two MP3′s, and I’d very much appreciate a link to the three others you mention above.

    With a radio show, you can have your own images in you mind!

    Radio_Brain, dk

  10. MizCeeCee says:

    I found this blog randomly surfing google for writing about some of my all-time favourite comedy albums that I figured were long lost. Thanks a bunch for this. I wonder if you’d mind sending a link to a perfect stranger for “That’s Not Funny That’s Sick?” I’d get you sandwich or some tins of chicken…fish….from a chain store…. :) :) :)

  11. N Ame says:

    You are splendid and terrific.

  12. S’funny, you didn’t mention the most obscure NatLamp LP of them all — the NL “stereo test record”! I used to have a copy of it that was too scratched to play — got it from a dollar bin out of morbid curiosity. It had several of the “big names” on it, like Chevy Chase and such, but from what I heard that didn’t help much in the humor department!

    However, the above LP is pure gold compared to the even MORE obscure thingy I managed to dig up (and I still have this one!) In 1980, the faltering NL empire issued a cassette-only release entitled, yes:

    “The Official National Lampoon Car Stereo Test & Demonstration Tape”!

    It’s about as hilarious as a series of high-pitched sound frequencies gets, with patter in between by NL also-rans that’ll bring a marginal smirk to just about anyone’s face. Lemme know if this hard-sell approach has led you to want me to provide you with a copy…

    — ndj

    • Michael Cain says:

      Me and my friends wore two of these tapes out. If I remember right it came in a kit with head cleaner and a few other oddities. Would love to have a copy surprised no one has turned one into an MP3.


  13. crt_phosphor says:

    What tremendous fun! Many thanks for posting these. I’ve been searching for the Lampoon albums for years without luck. The last time I heard any of this material was probably in the late 70′s when select bits would be played on a local FM late-night comedy show.

    And YES a link to those other Nat Lamp albums would be much appreciated.

  14. Slim says:

    Love the National Lampoon Stuff. I had most of these albums years ago and its grat to find them on mp3 at last.

    Has anyone seen Lemmings on the net anywhere, its my fav and the one I can’t find. Belushi’s Joe Cocker is awesome.

  15. James says:

    Thanks SO much for posting this! I remember the Missing White House Tapes . . . er, I mean, uh . . . Thanks for posting this!

  16. Paul Jacobs says:

    Great to come across this. I wrote and performed a lot of the Goodbye Pop album and wrote most of the music for Lemmings. I was wondering if you have a copy of “Einstein The Pirate.” It’s a track I wrote with Sean Kelly.
    Paul Jacobs

    p.s. Slim…. There are some awful copies of the Joe Cocker song floating around youtube. I’ll be the one playing Leon Russell:)…

  17. Alan says:

    Hi. I would love the links to the other three LPs. Had them all digitized but a hard drive crash made ‘em go away. It would be most appreciated.