NATIONAL LAMPOON RADIO HOUR — bigger archive, more about partial re-post (part 3 of 3), story + a bonus LP!!!! (1973-4)

Here’s the rest of what I have now in my collection, emergency along with a bonus: The 1974 “Official National Lampoon Stereo Test and Demonstration Record” LP, featuring folks like John Belushi and Chevy Chase!

National Lampoon – “The National Lampoon Radio Hour”, episodes #36-39, 41-42, 45-46 (ZIP file)
National Lampoon – “The National Lampoon Radio Hour”, episodes #47-52, 54-55, 57-59 (ZIP file)
National Lampoon – “The Official National Lampoon Stereo Test and Demonstration Record”, 1974 (ZIP file)

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729 Responses to NATIONAL LAMPOON RADIO HOUR (3 of 3)

  1. Rich says:

    Thanks so much for these. Amazing stuff, really.
    I don’t think there’s anything quite like it today.
    Much appreciated!

  2. chopra says:

    Thanks, man. You rule!

  3. pete says:

    Thank you!

  4. Dwayne Erickson says:

    I have been going through a National Lampoon re visiting myself lately–but the print side of things. I bought a book recently about the early days of Saturday Night LIve, by the guy that was the Non Franken half of the Franken and Davis comedy team, that lead to a biography of Doug Kenny, former editor of NL, and now , in The Comics Journal, there is a huge feature on another Editor and his quest to collect the ultimate pop cultural document on the 60′s in Comics form–

    These audio shows are helping to fill in a lot of the blanks in this research blow out–thanks for such amazing documents–who said nothing interesting happened int the 70′s?

  5. Larry Rudolph says:

    Thanks I still remember listening to these Sunday nights on XRT

  6. Brett Jackson says:

    I haven’t been able to find these anywhere! Spectacular!

  7. Bill Flynn says:

    Thank You ,Man!
    This was at the time like Rock’n’Roll Comedy…When I heard the bit where a bunch of guys were waiting for something ,and when Sleigh Bells were heard-they strarted cocking their guns………
    Thanks again-Pure Gold Stuff!

  8. Sudsman says:

    OMG, dude, you just made my decade! This totally brings back my misspent youth. I couldn’t wait till Sunday night to turn to our local album rock station and listen to the NLRH, sponsored by a local record/head shop. I subscribed to the magazine from 1973-1977 or so (sadly, all the mags are gone – thank goodness for the PDF stash), and had a number of their book compilations (Comics, Breast Of, etc.), also gone.

    If only I could find the album Radio Dinner.

    Anyway, thanks so much, man – you have no idea how awesome this is!

  9. Friendly Neighborhood Schneiderman says:

    I couldn’t get the first one to unzip (damn it) but awesome flashback material otherwise! I have some bits & pieces on cassette (yes cassette tape) but loved hearing some for the first time and others I’ve known & loved! If you could check out the first batch and repair / replace missing and / or corrupted files it would be even more awesomer!

    P.S. sudsman, I think I may actually have Radio Dinner on vinyl…..

  10. Don R. says:

    Thank you! I have 22 cassette recordings from the original FM broadcast (44 shows) so will listen to these and see if there are any fill-ins I can post. Bad part is that they are from the days of analog FM and I lived about 45 miles from the broadcast station so there is occasional background static on some of the recordings.