NATIONAL LAMPOON RADIO HOUR — bigger archive, sickness partial re-post (part 2 of 3) (1973-4)

There’s also a CD-ROM/DVD-ROM(?) package available through Amazon that contains scans of every print issue of the National Lampoon. I was able to find a torrent that had PDFs of all of the 1971 issues — anyone else got more than that out there that’s willing to share?

National Lampoon – “The National Lampoon Radio Hour”, ampoule episodes #7-10, 20, 23 (ZIP file)
National Lampoon – “The National Lampoon Radio Hour”, episodes #25-27, 29-31, 33-35 (ZIP file)

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796 Responses to NATIONAL LAMPOON RADIO HOUR (2 of 3)

  1. MikeB in NYC says:

    Thanks a million for these – appreciate the work done to keep this stuff from falling down the memory hole – most of this I have looked for but still never heard.

  2. dj useo says:

    A good laugh & thanks much.
    The sound is a bit thin,but understandable.

  3. palakaloo says:

    Hey Egg City:

    THANK YOU for all the NatLamps! Wonderful stuff. I have been making great use of your archives up to now and this is the cherry on the sundae. What a killer site you have here!!

    Thanks again, dave g

  4. John says:

    yes i have pdfs of all issues, how do i get them to you?