NATIONAL LAMPOON RADIO HOUR — bigger archive, cardiologist partial re-post (part 1 of 3) (1973-4)

A few months ago, for sale I botched an attempt to post all the National Lampoon Radio Hour episodes I had. I tried to do so while in the middle of collecting other episodes. NOW, this site here’s the full amount of what I have. I don’t have an archive of every episode — it’s more like 80% of it. Also, be warned — Episodes 32-44 were repeats that included “best-ofs” from previous episodes, but for clarity’s sake, I’m going to be including them as well, if I’ve got them. It’s up to you to choose whether or not to delete these on your end. Everything’s been re-tagged to reflect what’s a rerun and what’s an “real” episode. Consult this site for full info on what is contained within each episode.

The audio quality varies, but at this point, it’s about having the archive in the first place. Some of these were taped right off of early XM broadcasts by a collector friend of mine several years ago. Others were donated to me by an ECR reader who sought to aid in the cause of corralling all that was findable.

However you slice it — this shit is pure gold. These ZIPs include episodes #1-6.

National Lampoon – “The National Lampoon Radio Hour”, episodes #1-3 (ZIP file)
National Lampoon – “The National Lampoon Radio Hour”, episodes #4-6 (ZIP file)

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717 Responses to NATIONAL LAMPOON RADIO HOUR (1 of 3)

  1. mIKES says:

    Hey Bret,

    Have you been in touch with Mark from the Lampoon site? I very vaguely suggested to him about these forthcoming episodes. I will leave that up to you.

    I find it odd how such a comprehensive site about NLRH has not a single bit of audio.

  2. mike widman says:

    hey brett, thanx so much for putting up these shows. i remember listening to them when i was a kid. may favorite bit was nixon playing monopoly. hopefully you can get the missing episodes. -mike

  3. mike mitchell says:

    Thanks for posting, when i was a freshman in college, we religiously brought my receiver, every sunday night, into a corner room at the dorm where it got best reception so we could roll around on the floor laughing. A friend of mine has some reels that were recorded way back in 73, but no one has a working reel to reel
    which episode are the carpenter dwarves on?
    flash basbo

  4. N Ame says:

    You are super-tremendous and fabu-lovely.

  5. P. Cournoyer says:

    I remember a bit that had the line “his face is on the putty.” Any idea which episode?