“Imagine a blend of Gary Numan, viagra early Pink Floyd, order Jean-Michel Jarre and The Stranglers and you have a sense of the music. Add the mystery of a zealously guarded identity (he’s believed to be Canadian) and someone who appears onstage with his face swathed completely in surgical bandages, and you have a clearer picture of one of music’s true eccentrics. Who else released an instrumental LP that bills itself as playable at any speed?” –

If the opening track “Wolf” won’t convince you, then nothing will! His pulsating electric violin gives the whole proceedings a highly unique texture.

Nash The Slash – “Children of the Night” LP (ZIP file)
Nash The Slash on Amazon MP3 Store

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  1. Jim Donato says:

    I’ve loved Nash form his first album with the Canadian prog power trio FM. His stellar work on “Black Noise,” their debut album, made me a big fan immediately. His mastery of treated mandolins and violins sounded for all the world like sequenced keyboards. Though that is a very commercial prog album, it still rocks my world 31 years later with all of the power that is usually reserved for post-punk in my pantheon of music. It was far more Ultravox than Rush (though by 1984 Rush had become Ultravox!). He wisely left FM after the debut because they wanted to move in a Yes direction. His career afterward is far more interesting and rewarding. I have several of his solo albums but never found this one yet.

  2. Roberto says:

    I’ve seen Nah live in 1980 supporting the Tubes,playing solo with tapes,a great gig,but never listen to the lp’s…so thanks

  3. Roger_Camden says:

    This is amazing.
    He’s like Eno, Foxx, Numan and Nelson simultaneously!
    Thank you so much.

  4. Jim Donato says:

    Mr. Camden, that’s a very astute assessment! Especially the Nelson comparison.

  5. CanadianPride says:

    Nash is still around. Here’s a URL for a concert review from a few years ago (fix the imposed spaces, of course): _51st_State_Rockin.html

  6. Dave C. says:

    I saw Nash the Slash at a big outdoor concert outside of Toronto in the early ’80s. I vaguely remember liking his act. He did get a fair amount of airplay on Canadian radio around that time. Looking forward to giving this a listen. Thanks for the post.

  7. Creatured says:

    Dude your on fire with these last few(the Social Climbers). I’ve been listening to both for 25 or so years, but lately just had Live Nash to listen to, which is very nice too

  8. kami says:

    nash the slash!! classic stuff – ive got this album already but its so great to see others enjoying him. also have a live at hammersmith white label lp that he put out on cut throat – same era and live he must have been great!! (never got to see him over here in Australia)

  9. Matthew says:

    Nash lives in Hamilton, Ontario.
    I know because I used to see him walking around downtown, buying records at Cheapies.
    Nash soundtracked Nosferatu.

  10. Bill says:

    Definitely Canadian. Check out Bruce McDonald’s film “Roadkill.” Nash has an excellent cameo in the film as, well … the Slash!