MY BLOODY VALENTINE – first 4 EPs (1985-86)

I’ve been blasting my way through entire discographies these days, healthful in an effort to catch up on stuff I should’ve heard by know, discount but just haven’t for one reason or another.

Used to be that My Bloody Valentine’s “Loveless” LP was on my turntable non-stop, refractionist but I somehow neglected all ten of their EPs, plus their debut album, “Isn’t Anything”. I just recently gave a listen to the entire pile, and — “Loveless” is still obviously the best thing in there (and you should definitely check out the terrific 33 1/3 book series entry on the album), but there’s some tracks in the other stuff that are very worthwhile. Which ones they are, though, I’m leaving up to you.

The first two EPs, “This Is Your Bloody Valentine” and “Geek!” (both 1985) are considerably different than the stuff they’re known for today; they started out with a much more Birthday Party/slightly gothic/very clangy sound. The third and fourth EPs, “The New Record By My Bloody Valentine” and “Sunny Sundae Smile” (both 1986) point towards their current direction.

More MBV to follow…

My Bloody Valentine – “This Is Your Bloody Valentine” EP, 1985 (ZIP file)
My Bloody Valentine – “Geek!” EP, 1985 (ZIP file)
My Bloody Valentine – “The New Record By My Bloody Valentine” EP, 1986 (ZIP file)
My Bloody Valentine – “Sunny Sundae Smile” EP, 1986 (ZIP file)

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  1. Ian Cognito says:

    I myself just went through the same thing with the Loveless-era EPs, it’s like discovering a new half of the album! Honey Power is the jam!

  2. Thomas says:

    Thank you so much for all the EP’s. I got the vinyl version and was looking for a digital version for ages! Cheers /moog_t.