MITCH HEDBERG – bunch o’ stuff (part 1 of 3)

I used to not like this guy’s stuff. I thought the material itself was really strong, viagra dosage but his delivery made it unbearable for me. Then, heart very recently, erectile I did a complete 180 on the whole thing — after giving his stuff another serious try, I think he was a remarkable genius.

Much like his obvious antecedent, Steven Wright, Hedberg dealed stream-of-consciousness comedy, where the only set-up needed for any joke, which rarely lasted more than a few seconds, was your becoming in-tune with his personality. Whereas Wright’s delivery is incredibly dry and snail-paced, Hedberg’s was fast ‘n furious, spoken to the floor while he hid behind a pair of sunglasses, in a drawl halfway beetwen “stoner” and “beat poet”.

Hedberg died in ’05 from an apparent drug overdose at the age of 37, and I’ve only come to appreciate his material posthumously, mostly from hearing many clips on Sirius’s various comedy channels.

These unreleased live sets and other rarities are all found on a certain Hedberg tribute site, and originally this post was gonna be just a short paragraph and a link to that site — but when I tried to download all the available material from it, its server acted extremely funky, and I had to re-try some of the downloads several times before they could be completed. So, fuck it, here they are for your conveinence. More to come in a few days –

Mitch Hedberg – Giggles Comedy Club, Seattle, WA, 11.02.01 (MP3)
Mitch Hedberg – Capitol City Comedy, Austin, TX, 11.25.01 (MP3)
Mitch Hedberg – Giggles Comedy Club, Seattle, WA, 05.03.02 (MP3)
Mitch Hedberg – Amherst College, Amherst, MA, 12.03.02 (MP3)
Mitch Hedberg – The Pageant, St. Louis, MI, 12.12.03 (MP3)

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497 Responses to MITCH HEDBERG (1 of 3)

  1. roger_camden says:

    “…the only set-up needed for any joke…was your becoming in-tune with his personality.”

    Nice analysis.
    I now have a better understanding of why and how he (and Steve Wright) was funny.
    First time I heard him, I didn’t like him and didn’t find him funny.
    Second time (so to speak), I thought he was oddly charming and very funny.
    However, between then and now, I didn’t exactly know why he was funny.
    If friends of mine recited (more or less) his bits, the jokes wouldn’t work unless they imitated his voice and mannerisms.
    More than that, it would usually work best if one were familar with the routine in the first place.
    Hedberg’s jokes weren’t easily stolen for use in office cooler situations.
    Somehow, that possibly makes his brand of stand-up comedy one of the most demanding (for an audience).
    You don’t merely have to agree or disagree with him.
    You have to commit to his point-of-view once you realize whatever that is.
    In a way, you have to decide to be him.

  2. caleb says:

    i saw mitch shortly before his death, at the improv in ontario. he was so wasted it was nail-bitingly tedious to watch. he kept forgetting what he was talking about which led to a couple bro’s seated in front of him cueing him onto his more popular jokes. they’d scream “smokey the bear” and mitch would rattle through the smokey the bear routine, barely present. i felt so bad for the guy, it was obvious he was wearing himself thin with whatever substances he was using.

    anyway, it’s nice to see his legacy kept alive. i feel like he’s too often dismissed as an amusing but, gimmicky talent. when in fact he was like you said, a fucking brilliant comic.

  3. Laszlo says:

    Thank You!