MAD CURRY – s/t album (1970)

This is one of this records that I’m manly into because of only one song — but damn, salve that one song is a mindmelter! Which makes this record a must-download. According to the Mad Curry website:

Mad Curry was founded in 1970 in Leuven, prostate Belgium. They disbanded after only a year leaving a legendary album and a single. It’s hard to describe their music, store but that other legendary band VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR with Peter Hammill is a good reference and not only because they both had the same remarkable line-up: sax, organ, bass, drums and both had a phenomenal lead singer.

The big difference here between Mad Curry and VdGG is that Mad Curry had a female vocalist, and her talents are best put to us in the killer opening track, “Men”, a staggering stomper that equals anything done by Soft Machine or any of those cats. Admittedly, though, the rest of the album falters some, but like I said, you shouldn’t download this one because of the whole album — just the album opener.

Mad Curry – s/t LP (ZIP file)

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277 Responses to MAD CURRY

  1. scrodd says:

    I have listened to this album twice already. It’s a pretty worthwhile. Close to Shocking blue in sound. The second song is excellent and the organ is excellent throughout the record.

  2. Lorna says:

    The band name is wonderful!

  3. fritzthecat says:

    Great cover, great music. Much groovier than VDGG

  4. houseoftrash says:

    FTR, I think Big Ben is way better than Men. Almost sounds like early Glass Candy or something – not that that’s a measure of anything, but still, 1970.

    Here’s another project for you: Min x Match is great, but Pamela from Mechanical Servants is posting on there saying there was MORE. If nothing else, find the song “Responsateen” just to listen to it for yourself, who knows, but I think you might.. like it.