I’ve seen this one reposted on quite a few different sites, clinic but I don’t care. This one’s given me so much pleasure over the last few months that I’ve got to put it in even more peoples’ hands. It clocks in at a lean 31 minutes, tadalafil and you’ll wanna keep it going for hours afterwards. Allmusic sez:

Everybody liked Little Beaver; he played guitar on TK [Records] sessions for Betty Wright, Lattimore, Timmy Thomas, and others, so [TK] owner Henry Stone threw him a bone every now and then and let him record under his name.

The Allmusic review goes on to basically shit up on this album in a middling way, but don’t be fooled — this is some deep, ballsy funk, stuff that sticks in your brain and won’t let go.

Lemme put it this way: since I got an iPod back about 5 years ago, I’ve almost NEVER listened to an album more than once a year — and I’ve heard a few thousand albums since then. My policy is to cram the little device with as many records as it can hold, and once I listen to an album once, I delete it, in order to make room for more stuff. This is one of maybe ten albums since I’ve started doing this that I’ve perpetually kept on the iPod, and haven’t deleted. Another one of them is a Heino best-of collection (always good for parties.) Yet another soon-to-be candidate is the Tom Jones album I posted a few days ago.

Little Beaver – “Party Down” LP (ZIP file)

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143 Responses to LITTLE BEAVER

  1. Enjoyed this and the Tom Jones— thanks!

  2. Mark E says:

    While not amazing this is pretty darn nice – reminds me a tad of Syl Johnson. Thanks, Mark E

  3. Dave says:

    Love this one. I’m listening to the nth time since you first posted it. Any idea what that high-pitched hand drum is in the verse groove on the title track?