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JOY DIVISION – live, Bowdon Vale, March 14th, 1979

Nothing terribly out of the ordinary here — just a decent-quality bootleg of a ’79 Joy Division show! Thought I’d pass it on, to add to the massive pool of JD live gigs floating around the blogosphere.

Joy Division – live, Bowdon Vale, March 14th, 1979 (ZIP file)

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746 Responses to JOY DIVISION

  1. mc says:

    I do believe I used to have a copy of this bootleg on tape, ages ago. Who knows. Probably not, but I had a ton. Thing is, the link is dead. Can you fix it? thanks!

  2. jp says:

    thanks for this bootleg which is unfortunately one the very few decent sounding bootlegs from joy division…
    happy 2009,

  3. avsp says:

    thanks for terrific site & d/ls etc
    FWIW the Fall gig exactly a month earlier at the same venue is one of the very best bootlegs anywhere ever

  4. jasn says:

    Once again, good stuff. I don’t believe I’ve heard The Fall gig asvp speaks of. Link avsp?

  5. Don says:

    did somebody say, the fall????
    yes please!

  6. avsp says:

    I’m sorry I dont have a link for the Fall Feb 79 Bowden gig. I’ll see if I can sort anything, …, give me a week or two