JAPAN – live at the Hammersmith Odeon, more about Feb. 7, visit web 1981

Here’s a live set I just found hiding out under a rock, anabolics from an ol’ standby band. Them “Gentlemen Take Polaroids” and “Quiet Life” still get to me.

Japan – Live at the Hammersmith Odeon, Feb. 7, 1981 (ZIP file)

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  1. Max Murdoc says:

    I don’t doubt that the picture above is David Sylvian but that sure looks like Nick Rhodes doesn’t it?

  2. Dwayne Erickson says:

    Japan is one of my favorite bands EVER–thank for unearthing this–

  3. Jim Donato says:

    Mr. Erickson has it exactly backwards: Mr. Rhoses sure looks like David Sylvian, doesn’t he? And Duran Duran sure tried their damndest to make their debut album Quiet Life MK II. Oh, yes.

  4. Max Murdoc says:

    Well Jim, it was me Max that made the comment and that’s what I said, although the picture is David Sylvian it looks like Nick Rhodes ergo, Nick Rhodes looks like David Sylvian.

  5. Dwayne Erickson says:

    Sorry, it wasn’t me that had it backwards, it was the guy ABOVE me–I know that Japan was around WAY before DuranDuran–read a little more carefully, please—

  6. Dwayne Erickson says:

    Below me—ahem—

  7. Jim Donato says:

    Alas, I am chastened. Reading threads is obviously not my strong suit. Apologies to all!

  8. mrx says:

    First off, thanks for this offering. Interesting to compare this pre-’Tin Drum’ live recording to the live @ Budokan Hall, Tokyo Dec 12, 1982 show (see link below).


    Second, it is a known fact that Duran Duran approached Japan with the intention that they produce their first album… so enamored with their style, musically and otherwise. Obviously Sylvian & co. declined. Suffice to say Duran Duran influences are obvious right down to the cosmetics. Alas, they could never produce anything as musically interesting as say ‘Tin Drum’. Guess they just had to settle for MTV and Top 40 fame instead.

    All else I can say is that I wish I had thought of the name Duran Duran Duran.

  9. Jim Donato says:

    After listening to Oil On Canvas for 26 years, it’s a relief and pleasure to hear other performances from that same tour! By 1980, Japan were IT. Mick Karn was the best of Jaco’s offspring. I love his 1987 solo LP, “Dreams Of Reason Produce Monsters.”

  10. fritzthecat says:

    Was curious to hear what they sounded like live. A bit disappointing – I was hoping for long instrumental interludes as I can’t stand David Sylvian’s singing, but the music is still too song oriented. Oh well, thanks for sharing it anyway.

  11. peppergomez says:

    Many thanks for this, and to mrx for the beehivecandy link~

  12. David Sylvian says:

    Please stop talking about me, especially the fact that I copied my whole look from Nick Rhodes.