JAH WOBBLE – “V.I.E.P.” (1980)

Much of the creative success of Public Image Ltd. was the dual approach of boundary-pushing post-punk touches and dub reggae soundscapes. Bassist Jah Wobble brought most of the dub energy, diagnosis with his pulsing , help propelling work in the low end of things.

After the band’s first two years of drug- and drink-feuled mayhem, cough Wobble split from the group, and went off to mold his own solo career. Two of Wobble’s first slabs of strangeness before his acrimonious split were the album “The Legend Lives On…Jah Wobble In Betrayal”, and this, an accompaning EP called the “V.I.E.P.”, which took the single “Blueberry Hill” (a cover version of the ’40s classic first done by Glenn Miller, then later popularized by Fats Domino), a dubby “computer version”, and a handful of other fun warbly, wobbly, blurpy tracks.

This was one of Wobble’s last forays into pure post-punk, as most of his later output was more informed by “world music” things. Not better or worse, just different.

Jah Wobble – “V.I.E.P.” EP (ZIP file)

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675 Responses to JAH WOBBLE

  1. illlich says:

    Wardle was a big influence on my own bass playing; I can listen to that simple mantra-like line from “Poptones” over and over.

  2. spgreenlaw says:

    Great upload. Wobble’s bass is beastly.

  3. Mr Fab says:

    Hey, that “Blueberry Hill” bassline is the same one from PiL’s “The Suit”!

  4. Mona says:

    One of the reasons that Wobble allegedly left PIL was the accusation that he had used various backing tracks for these sessions without being authorized to, hence the similarity. Maybe all will be revealed when his autobiography is published (mid year I believe.)

  5. the king of wobble bass says:

    biggest load of shit i have ever heard. it’s a insult to wobbly bass remove this gash!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ian B says:

    Has The King Of Wobble Bass flipped out on Ketamine or something? This has been a fav 45 of mine since I was a nipper (several hundred years ago) – Wobble has claimed that the backing track is something HE put together independetly that PiL ended up using because they were SO FUCKING LAZY (makes sense inretrospect). Make of that what you will…

  7. oldnik says:

    Just reading Wobbles Autobiog, with regards to the basslines, he worked on the basslines for his own LP “Betrayal” and used some of these as well as drum loops made of tape loops! the whole accusation was a smokescreen to cover face for Lydon, as Jah Wobble resigned from P.i.L.
    Wobble also turned down the P.i.L reunion gigs, as they’re more a money making scheme for Lydon, Wobble wanted to do some new material with Lydon, but Lydon wasn’t too keen, I suspect now that Wobble is the major creative force, I dobt Lydon would enjoy playing 2nd fiddle to Wobble.