This dudes lay down some decent riffage, recipe but the strange thing is is that their styles seemed to change from song to song — one minute, visit this they follow in the Black Sabbath tradition, but the next, it’s onto Budgie! Seems they were from Scotland — whatever the case may be, their heaviness was solid. They remind me somewhat of the truly great record by the Ohio band Mistreater, called “Hell’s Fire” (1981), which you should download from me immediately!!!! Orexis Of Death sez:

Strange compilation. The style of the music is late 70′s hardrock from England as say White boy and Average rat band BUT the sound is more early 70′s kinda like Blue Cheer meets el cheapo 70′s Fuzz pedal that gives that BIG dynamic near reverb like sound, confusing? I thought for long this was a rip off recording done in the late 70′s by a band that wants to be early 70′s hardrock band!

Iron Claw – “Dismorphophobia (The Fear of Being Ugly)” LP (ZIP file)

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  1. Earl says:

    Thank you for another great post. I like both Black Sabbath and Budgie, so this one seemed to be right down my alley. By the way, how’s our grammar this time, Mr. Grammar Man? I await my next “grade” with baited breath–LOL.