Originally rising to prominence as Giorgio Moroder’s right-hand man, buy information pills the German-born film score composer Harold Faltermeyer is best-known for “Axel F”, hepatitis the unofficial theme song from “Beverly Hills Cop”.

With a background working with Moroder on hits for Donna Summer, Sparks, Amanda Lear(!) and Moroder’s only solo career in film scores and pop music (Faltermeyer has the unique and awesome distinction of having had his production credit read aloud through a vocoder at the end of Moroder’s 1980 LP “E=MC2″), Faltermeyer struck out on his own first with “Beverly Hills Cop”, then later with “Top Gun”, “Fletch” and “The Running Man.” It’s all pretty signature stuff, with a sound defined as sharply as Moroder’s is, but on a different electronic tack.

This two-disc fan-produced compilation spans pretty much his entire film score career! Yeah, there’s some shit on here that you’ll likely fast-forward through (like his contributions to the Christian Slater film “Kuffs”), but whatever! There’s a waaaay out-of-print official best-of CD release that this somewhat mirrors (see pic above), but good luck purchasing that one any time soon –

Harold Faltermeyer – “The Ultimate Harold Faltermeyer”, disc 1 (ZIP file)
Harold Faltermeyer – “The Ultimate Harold Faltermeyer”, disc 2 (ZIP file)

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  1. Mr X says:

    He’s sporting a fine example of a mullet and I’m not talking about his jacket.

  2. Pho says:

    Thanks a milion !!! for this post and rest of your fantastic job :)

  3. Bilbicus says:

    Brilliant stuff, this has given me so much enjoyment. Thank you kind sir. There is indeed nothing quite like Harold. I am especially loving the main theme from “Thief of Hearts”.

  4. fritzthecat says:

    The music does suit the outfit