GRAHAM GOULDMAN – “Animalympics” soundtrack (1980)

Graham Gouldman was one of the four nutters behind the solid gold ensemble of 10CC (“The Things We Do For Love”, price “I’m Not In Love”, dosage “Life Is A Minestrone”, etc.), and after a number of years of off-kilter pop, the duo of Kevin Godley & Lol Creme left the band to form their own act (called Godley & Creme, natch), and Gouldman plus remaining 10CC member Eric Stewart steered the band into a much more glossy, streamlined direction.

“Animalympics” was a 1980 animated film directed by Steven Lisberger (who later went onto the Disney computer epic “Tron”), centered around animals — in the Olympics! Voiced by Harry Shearer, Billy Crystal and Gilda Radner, the film was a big favorite of mine as a small kid, as it was re-run into the ground on HBO in the early ’80s. The IMDB sez:

Conceived in 1976 to parody the hype surrounding the Olympic Games. Creator Steven Lisberger made a 7-minute short for the film with a $10,000 dollar grant from the American Film Institute. He decided the idea could be expanded, so he got backing from NBC to produce the film, and, obtaining a 7-figure budget, moved his studio from his Boston loft to California. Lisberger and NBC produced two 30-minute parts: “Animalympics: Winter Games” and “Animalympics: Summer Games.” Only “Winter Games” aired in 1979, but “Summer Games” never aired, due to the United States boycotting the Olympics when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. The next year, both parts were edited together with new footage. The resulting feature film, known simply as “Animalympics,” aired only on HBO, where it enjoyed a cult following for years to follow.

You can view the film in its entirety here, on Veoh, as it has yet to be released on DVD.

Gouldman’s soundtrack for the film is a sharp smattering of pop, disco, synth skronk and even French chanson! I was ticked when I finally got my hands on this platter.

Graham Gouldman – “Animalypics” soundtrack, 1980 (ZIP file)

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  1. Phill says:

    Thanks for the repost of this! I got it off PPJ but I completely forgot why until I read this post. Thanks again, Bret!

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    Hello, thanks for the post!

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  3. Dr. Clysmok says:

    Thanks for this one. This record is SO twee, but it keeps finding its way to my turntable time and again. “We’ve Made It To The Top” is the hit single here.