GENESIS – early ’70s live stuff

Sorry for the scarce text copy here, orthopedist but I’ve been on deadline with a project at my job, and my brain is cluttered! Here’s three vintage Genesis live boots!

Genesis – As Through Emerald City: Live at the Shrine Auditorium, 1975 (ZIP file)
Genesis – BBC Studios, London, UK, 03-02-72 + 09-25-72 (ZIP file)
Genesis – Live 1973 (ZIP file)
Genesis on Amazon MP3 Store

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699 Responses to GENESIS

  1. illlich says:

    YES. I always disliked Genesis, I gave them so many chances, and just always found their LPs boring or needlessly complicated. But then I heard some of their live stuff from this period. Killer. This Shrine Auditorium show– is it the one from the King Biscuit Flower hour broadcast? The storyline for the “Lamb Lies Down” LP is silly, but the the music is great.

  2. FrF says:

    Thanks for this healthy dose of live Genesis!

    I like “Lamb Lies Down”, too, but a couple of months ago Momus gave it a skeptical spin in his “Unheard Vinyl” series:
    (Some Genesis fans “respectfully disagreed” in this entry’s comments section.)

    Speaking of Momus: Did you know that his first six albums can be listened to/downloaded at Ubuweb?

  3. Don says:

    can’t stand genesis but the gabriel/hackett lineup had a few moments of brilliance amid the needlessly complicated stuff. i think the lamb is over rated… but thanks a lot, i like the bbc cuts.

  4. Loopy C says:

    Genesis was life changing for me, continuing to inform and influence me to this day. As far as being ‘silly’ lol…I am not a professional critic, only a lifelong musician and music lover so I wouldn’t know ;-)

    Needlessly complicated??? So my ‘King’, which notes should they delete? To each their own :D