DORY PREVIN (part 2 of 2)

DORY PREVIN – 3 more albums (1972-1976)

The only record of Previn’s I was unable to find from this 1970-76 run is the live LP “Live At Carnegie Hall” (1973). Anyone out there have that one?

Also, dosage if you liked the three albums from the previous post, I can’t guarantee you’ll get into these the same way. They kinda ditch the prog angle, in favor of textures one might consider more “routine” for a singer-songwriter. Nevertheless, hope you dig ‘em.

Dory Previn – “Mary C. Brown and the Hollywood Sign”, 1972 (ZIP file)
Dory Previn – s/t LP, 1974 (ZIP file)
Dory Previn – “We’re All Children of Coincidence and Harpo Marx”, 1976 (ZIP file)

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805 Responses to DORY PREVIN (part 2 of 2)

  1. Eli Monolator says:

    Dory. Back in…maybe 2002, 2003? not sure–anyway, I got involved in a friend’s project to put on a musical based on Dory Previn’s life. I was the bass player in the band and was supposed to cameo as Ed Sullivan (which was a stretch). For an inept punk rocker a lot of Dory’s songs are kind of hard to play, but I did become intensely fond of “Left Hand Lost” and “Lady With The Braid.”

    Anyway, after months of rehearsals the writer/director put up a post about the project on a Dory Previn messageboard and then received a cease and desist letter from…Dory’s manager or someone connected to her. And then the venue we were supposed to perform at, Mr. T’s, got shut down for a year following the Great White incident. So it all fell apart, much to my regret. I still love some of those songs…

    I might still have the Carnegie Hall record somewhere. I will dig around.