DEVO (part 1 of 2)

DEVO – rarities bonanza, otolaryngologist part 1 of 2

I’ve had people ask me for various Devo rarites at various times, and I’ve always been confused as to what’s in- and out-of-print. It seems like almost all of the non-album stuff is (with the exception of that one live 1980 thing), so here’s ALL of it. All of it that I have, at least. Also, here’s the quick link to the post I did of a Devo ’80 gig in Japan a while back, and another one to the “Devotees” tribute album from ’79 that I also already posted.

Devo – “E-Z Listening Disc” (ZIP file)
Devo – “Hardcore Devo, Vol. 1″ (ZIP file)
Devo – “Hardcore Devo, Vol. 2″ (ZIP file)
Devo – “Live: The Mongoloid Years” (ZIP file)

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764 Responses to DEVO (part 1 of 2)

  1. James says:

    The live EP released in 1981 is in print as a European twofer with the first album (you can find it pretty easily in the US). All of the Rykodisc collections are out of print; pre-Internet I looked for copies for quite some time with no luck.

    Apparently, Warner’s released a box set last year of all of Devo’s recordings for the label, but only in Japan.

    Thanks for the EZ Listening Disc; that one I didn’t have!

  2. charlie says:

    I’ll second thanks for the E-Z listening disc. I never knew about that one. I have the hardcore recordings on cassette tapes I scored a number of years back.

  3. John Terhorst says:

    Robert Cristgow gave a bomb to the Hardcore Recording and the Easy Listening records back in the day. It is amazing how full of life and undated they sound now.

    The hardcore recordings are both fun and a revolation with a lot of dadaistic experementation. It is amazing to imagine them in Ohio in the 70′s doing this without any knowledge of where they were going.

  4. Anthony Hansen says:

    I’m convinced that if the material from those Hardcore records had been released around the time that material was recorded, it could very well have changed the world. Oh well…

  5. Phill says:

    I think Rhino Handmade may have released one or two tidbits that didn’t appear anywhere else, but I didn’t pay too much attention because the price was annoyingly high. Maybe someone who worked for Rhino would know more…

  6. James says:

    The irony of the Rhino Handmade series is that many of the limited-edition titles they reissued were later reissued again by other labels (often Collector’s Choice) in, um, “non-limited” form at lower prices (Loudon Wainwright, Judee Sill, Rank and Files, the Rascals, Guadacanal Diary, Jack Nitzsche, Cher) . Though not the Devo/Mothersbaugh stuff.

  7. Jay says:

    Just saw DEVO in Austin. Thanks for these!