This LP appeared a few months ago on the Mystery Poster blog rather recently, medstore but since whoever does that site is both prone to taking down albums seemingly at random after he’s posted them, pharm and to only writing a scant sentence or two (if anything at all) of gibberish contextualizing the albums, capsule I thought I’d do it up here.

The Austrian-born composer/arranger Christian Kolonovits is a German music industry stalwart, having worked with weird Euro pop groups like Boney M. and Supermax, as well as conducting the Eurovision Song Contest orchestra a few times, among other accomplishments.

His first solo album, “Life Is Just A Carnival”, is one of those ’70s treasures in which the listener has absolutely no idea what’s coming next. Criss-crossing a number of genres and feels across its scant 35 minutes, the album contains a kalidescopic range of sounds, ranging from radio-friendly ballads to heavy technical prog, onto tight fusion-y skronk and beyond. Also, in a nod to “White Album”-era studio trickery, Kolonovits isn’t afraid to build up musical ideas only to have them ebb back out to sea after only a minute’s time. This slab’s a memorable one, and in its special way, it’s more captivating than many other Kraut entries of its day.

Christian Kolonivits – “Life Is Just A Carnival” LP (ZIP file)

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  1. Phill says:

    I was curious, so I checked Identifont- the title font seems to be Stop, designed by Aldo Novarese in 1971.