CHEVY CHASE – DVD commentary track for “National Lampoon’s European Vacation”

I recently heard this one, pills and was puzzled: should I like him more, or less after having heard it? On one hand, you’ve got to admit: the man knows comedy, and how to play it well. On the other hand, he seems like kind of a douche. During this track, he frequently points out what he finds to be the film’s voluminous shortcomings — but is he doing it as a joke? Or is he the joke? Also, not once does he mention either the director (Amy Heckerling, who also did “Fast Times At Ridgemont High” and “Clueless”) nor the writer, John Hughes (too many films you already know to mention, including two other “Vacation” movies”).

“European Vacation” may not be the most whizz-bang awesome time, but it’s got a number of genuine laughs amongst its infantile nature. And, for all you heteros and lesbos out there, it’s got a few instances of bare boobage, and who can argue with that? Anyways, you listen, and you decide.

Chevy Chase – DVD commentary track, “National Lampoon’s European Vacation (MP3 file)

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738 Responses to CHEVY CHASE

  1. Emerson says:

    Chevy Chase has been a douche from the beginning, and every so often there’s an article about him being a one-time douche trying to make a comeback. He then comes across as a desperate douche.

  2. Justin says:

    The best thing about this movie is that it introduced me to the music of Alexander Robotnik, playing in the background of the dinner theater/aerobics strip show in which Rusty and Chevy debate whether or not the guy at the next table is going to ‘pork’ his girlfriend.

  3. Jim Donato says:

    I am 45 years old. I have never found Chevy Chase to be the least bit funny. No, not even on the first season of SNL. I’ll go as far as saying that I consider him the Jerry Lewis of his generation in that “Jesus Christ…!!! People actually think he’s funny?!!” sort of way.

  4. ringworm says:

    Jerry Lewis was funny, maybe even more so now if you remember that he got laid more than Dean… anyway.. no reason one can’t be both good at their job and a douche, you know, like Heidegger…. would have liked to see him do his weight in coke yearly… basically no one is a good person except maybe bernhardt gunter… i’m certainly not, on either count…

  5. Jude says:

    Chevy Chase had a spasm of funny in Fletch. Unfortunately, he’s wrongly lauded for being “cool” in Caddyshack. Those people, of course, are middle-aged meatheads who endlessly quote lines from that movie in their own attempts to be clever…or something…

    btw, does anyone know the rationale behind his being selected to portray President Ford on SNL? What the fuck was that all about?

  6. Phill says:

    Jude- He could fall down real good.

  7. Taeil says:

    Do I actually have to watch the movie to enjoy this?

  8. Quiton says:

    I’m glad a parallel between Jerry and Chevy has been brought up. Both are masters of a subtle comedy based on being over-the-top dunces. Its old fashioned slapstick. Both are jerks, both are uniquely clever and both have their own brand of comedic style. I love both of them. Watch “Modern Problems” or “The Bellboy” and tell me thats not great comedy.

  9. Kukulkan says:

    Chevy Chase is not funny and he showed how terrible his own sense of humor is multiple times during his feud with Howard Stern. What a douche nozzle.