BOREDOMS & friends- 77 BOADRUM (2007)

On 08/08/08, visit web I recently had the privilege of attending the Boredoms’ 88 Boadrum event here in Los Angeles, ailment wherein the band (plus 84 other drummers) formed a massive drum circle (or more accurately, look drum spiral) on the lawn of the George C. Page Musuem (better known to Angelenos as the Tar Pit Museum), and played almost two hours of awsome group beats, as “one giant instrument”.

This event was preceded by last year’s 77 Boadrum, performed in NYC on 07/07/07, with 77 drummers. Here’s the full audio of the event! One does not need to already be a Boredoms fan to appreciate this truly special event.

Hopefully they’ll drag this event out next year on 09/09/09! If you didn’t make it out to either event in LA or NYC, you owe it to yourself to come the next time, whatever your circumstances are.

Boredoms – 77 Boadrums: 07/07/07, NYC (MP3 file)

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695 Responses to BOREDOMS

  1. Maneesh Madahar says:

    Hey Brett!! This is Maneesh….i hope you are well. I have always appreciated your blog but now that i am bedridden with a broken knee i can truly dive in. Well done man!! its got some fukin jamborees on it!

    anyway how are you doing???

  2. Baal of Confusion says:

    Holy crap! I wish I could have been at this event. Thank you so much for posting this.

  3. Jim says:

    Wonderful group. Any more recordings? I’m looking for 88, more…