BOB FOSSE soundtracks

“ALL THAT JAZZ” & “CABARET” soundtracks (1979/1972)

This one’s just a no-brainer. These two soundtracks, sick both from musicals directed by the late, visit web great Bob Fosse, are great weekend hang-out listening, and if you’re a fan of either of these films, then these are fun background listening, since you’ll know the songs so well. For some reason, I just love the George Benson version of “On Broadway” from “All That Jazz”. And I hate Broadway musicals! Go figure.

I’m going on tour with my band to SXSW and back for the next two weeks, so hopefully I’ll be able to post regularly — we’ll see –

Various Artists – “All That Jazz” soundtrack, 1979 (ZIP file)
Various Artists – “Cabaret” soundtrack, 1972 (ZIP file)

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  1. says:

    I remember watching All That Jazz on cable repeatedly and religiously in Jr. High, ultimately taping it so I could watch whenever the mood struck. And it struck often. I had no idea then who Bob Fosse was or how autobiographical the film ended up. I’m not one for musicals mostly, but being about a guy who choreographed – and hallucinated – made it work for me; singing and dancing make sense in that context.

    The initial draw, of course, was a healthy amount of boobies; in those days of pre-internet – hell pre-porn for me, period – I took what I could get and the ladies of ATJ were breathtaking to me. I grew up however, with an unhealthy desire to date dancers (almost always a bad idea), pop pills, and smoke in the shower.

    Now, at 40, I’m long married to a Jazz choreographer, I’ve had cocktails over small talk with Lenora Nemetz, and I can do a passable timestep. Do I owe it all to the obsessive RewindPlayRewindPlay days of All That Jazz? Not really, but I still freaking love this movie. Great story, brilliant direction and cinematography, and hey the dancing ain’t bad either.

    Thanks for another fine album, ECR! It’s showtime, folks!

  2. Stephen Parkin says:

    I have heard George Benson’s version of On Broadway once, on a bus to an early shift at about 5 AM 30 years ago and have vaguely wanted to hear it again ever since. I didn’t know it was on this soundtrack, so thanks. And Cabaret as well! Good, good stuff.

  3. chuck says:

    I hate broadway musicals and I like these 2! My wife is responsible for that.
    13 years of constant background broadway has a way of infiltrating your psyche.
    I love ECR BTW.
    Mucho appreciado!