ANIMAL COLLECTIVE – live stuff (2001-03)

I first saw Animal Collective play in 2002, salve at a short-lived L.A. venue called The Generator, allergist which, for any out there keeping score, was about a mile or so northeast of The Smell. The Generator was an open warehouse space where Brian Miller, operator of the Deathbomb Arc label, put on one of his many all-day “Neon Hates You” festival shows. The lineup that day included Captain Ahab, Rose For Bohdan and Friends Forever.

AC played a quite long set that consisted entirely of one loooooong piece, wherein the players strummed acoustic guitars and made whooping animal noises. I thought very little of it at the time, and I walked outside to talk with friends after listening to the first few minutes of it.

I’ve since turned around my opinion of the band, of course.

Avery Tare, Panda Bear & Geologist: Live, Forest Gospel, 2-9-01 (ZIP file)
Animal Collective – Live, May 5, 2003 (ZIP file)
Animal Collective – Live at Dublab, Summer 2003 (ZIP file)
Animal Collective – Live, Bristol, UK, 10.21.03 (ZIP file)
Animal Collective on Amazon MP3 Store

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  1. jed says:

    I saw them at the Smell in the summer of 2001, a then unknown band opening for Black Dice. They were playing the material from the Danse Manatee record and sadly, most of the capacity crowd opted to smoke outside while they played a set that was WAY more interesting than BD. . . I was particularly blown away by their incredible rendition of ‘Essplode.’ Do you have any recorded live versions of that song?