“101 THINGS…”: 2 episodes, syphilis audio tracks (200?)

Found these in the torrentosphere. Was looking for some BBC radio documentaries, sales and also found the audio tracks to two racy episodes in an occasional UK TV series called “101 Things…”.

I’m a sucker for countdown-type shows, ask and these are about 101 Embarassing Sexual Accidents (“Looks at various cases of people being badly injured or burned whilst attempting sex acts with various substances or implements, including vaccum cleaners and pipes, a hot melon, and concrete”), and 101 Things Removed From The Human Body (“Features a man who had half his brain removed, and a fisherman who was skewered through the eye by a swordfish”).

These’ll go down easy!

“101 Embarassing Sexual Accidents”, audio track (MP3)
“101 Things Removed From The Human Body”, audio track (MP3)

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  1. Xopher.tm says:

    I continue to admire the work you do here.

    Thanks so much.