There was a CD release of a YMO title called “Live At Kinokuniya Hall 1978″ about 15 years ago, cough but I’m pretty sure that that set is not this one.

Mmmm — YMO, more about the hidden treasure of Japanese New Wave. They did have their digressions into kinda pappy New Age-y sounds at times, but when they were on, they were on. The material on display here in this live set mostly comes from their first self-titled album, a really fantastic effort. Trouser Press sez:

“For the technology-minded Japanese (who, after all, do have their own musical logic and traditions), the rock medium most suited to adaptation rather than bland mimicry has been electronic-oriented pop. By their third LP, YMO represented to Japanese kids a heterodoxy almost equivalent to the Sex Pistols and, in Japan at least, many times their commercial success.”

Yellow Magic Orchestra – Live 1978 (ZIP file)

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  1. Stuart says:

    Nice one .
    This sounds like pretty early YMO live
    and interesting to hear the live mix balance of live and programmed.
    Wanted is a cover of a Pink Lady song.
    Props to Y Takahashi’s drumming as always – influential drummer beyond YMO.
    The Trouser Press entry is a bit of a hoot (as some of them are)

  2. Love the YMO.

    Anybody remember Telex, a similar (in the poppy sense) band from around the same time from France? Been looking for that one forever …

  3. steward says:

    Thank you. I enjoyed these tunes.

    This sound was recorded for a FM radio program at two months before
    “Live At Kinokuniya Hall 1978″. 18th Oct. 1978 at TOKYO MELPARK HALL.

    This was absolutely first live performance of YMO. I’m positive, ’cause I was
    there. Of cource I didn’t know about YMO. I was there for other guest Isao Tomita.

    Yes, I now love the YMO.

  4. chris barany says:

    new wave? sounds more like jazz/pop to me. wouldn’t sound out of place on the same bill as someone like Bob James, or Spyro Gyra, and i mean that in a bad way. sorry folks, this ain’t doin it for me at all.

  5. threll says:

    i have a telex record ….
    packed a thousand miles away.

  6. gypsyking says:

    I think I know the sound enginer for this album! What a result!