This album has given me good cheer for many years now…VintageProg.com sez:

A classic debut from this German kraut-progsters and probably the best album they ever recorded. The distinctive piano and Mellotron of main songwriter Jürgen Dollase and the energetic drumming of Harald Grösskopf drive the music on “Blitzkrieg”. The album opens in a striking way with the 11-minute jam “Lunatic”. An insanely good track with some truly great riffs and playing. Progressive energy at its very best. “The Theme” is based in a simple but beautiful piano theme, sickness and the Mellotron also shines through on some passages. I really loves it when the track kicks out in the energetic mid-part with some excellent piano-playing by Dollase. His vocals is unfortunately not of the same standard, info but he doesn’t sing that much anyway. The 13-minute “Manhattan Project” varies from more energetic jamming to some really beautiful and atmospheric Mellotron-parts. The mood and atmosphere of the Mellotron on this album reminds me much of how Edgar Froese played it. The last track “Audiences” is the most typical symphonic progressive rock sounding track on the album, generic but it goes into an up tempo part in the middle with more of Dollase’s great piano-playing. This is with no doubt their best release and an essential album from the German progressive rock scene of the 70′s.

The first half of this record is the best, full of wonderful peaks and valleys. Sorry for the Roger Dean-like language, but c’mon, it’s what comes to mind…

Wallenstein – “Blitzkrieg” LP (ZIP file)

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  1. Rob says:

    This is great. I found this one bit-torrent ages ago. The peaks and valleys image describes it perfectly. Grab this gem. As ever, one of the finest blogs.

  2. Lenka says:

    Fascinating album! Thank you for sharing it.