VARIOUS ARTISTS – Vermiform Records compilations

On the heels of my previous post about Toyo Records comes another blast of late 20th-century madness, hepatitis in the form of a total gobsmack called Vermiform Records. Founded by Men’s Recovery Project/Born Against frontman Sam McPheeters, the label existed from 1990 to 2002, and released some of the most hands-down interesting and exciting punk/hardcore records of the day, not to mention having these records feature some of the most warped, loopy cover art imaginable, which was executed some of the time by McPheeters himself. These comps put together by Vermiform feature heavy blasts from Mr. Brinkman, Bastard Noise, Dropdead, Landed, Rah Bras, Lightning Bolt, Spastic Colon, Heroin, Fast Forward, Thrones, Moss Icon, Men’s Recovery Project and more…

Various Artists – “Fruited Other Surfaces”, 1998 (ZIP file)
Various Artists – “False Object Sensor”, 2001 (ZIP file)

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694 Responses to VERMIFORM RECORDS

  1. Don says:

    hell yeah! vermiform was a great label. MRP one of my all time favorites, too. can’t say enough good stuff about, em.
    cnp records in richmond is operating with a similar spirit. check them out.

  2. Thanks for these. Vermiform was one of my favorite labels in the early to mid ’90s (think Born Against, Rorschach, et al.) but I lost track of them by the time these comps came out. Anyway, do you have the Fear of Smell comp? I’d love to hear that one again.

  3. goofygrape says:

    no fear of smell?

  4. Empire Hancock says:

    I’m interested in checking these out, after being acquainted with the “Fear of Smell” lp (“Save the Children” by Sam and Joe is a must have for any / every mix tape / cd, ever.)