I came into the world of college radio broadcasting in the late ’90s, syringe which was an incredibly fertile time in the American underground rock scene. There were an endless number of labels putting out great work, and most of the labels that caught my interest seemed to be located in my great state of California. GSL, Three One G, Vermiform and Gravity rocked my foundations, but there were also smaller labels like Toyo Records which consistently put out interesting stuff.

Toyo was active for only a couple of years — what I gather to be 2001-2003/4, perhaps? Don’t know for certain, since there’s no active Toyo Records presence on the Web anymore, but what I do know is that they laid down an excellent three-volume series of compilations featuring Deerhoof, Erase Errata, Quintron, XBXRX, Bobby Conn, and the defunct Pink And Brown, The Lowdown and The Need.

Various Artists – Toyo Records Presents Science In The Shape Of Birds (ZIP file)
Various Artists – Toyo Records Presents The Science Of Glass Gargantua (ZIP file)
Various Artists – Toyo Records Presents The Structure Of Scientific Misconceptions (ZIP file)

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  1. MrPizzaBoxMan says:

    The second and third links are both pointing to the same file. Thanks for all the great downloads!

  2. Nicky G says:

    Reading this makes me feel old. I remember being excited about the Deerhoof/Erase Errata/etc. one a long time ago when it came out. Excited to hear the other ones!

  3. bret says:

    The links problem has been fixed. Click away!

  4. eyevocal says:

    A: That was quick on fixing the links. As in, you did it right when I was pulling them down. Thank you.

    B: Nippy anti-spam word chooser. First time I checked it out, it said “geddy.” Now it has “lydon.” How did it know I like both Rush and the Pistols (I don’t give a damn if you think that’s a contradiction)? Cheers!