TINY TIM – “I LOVE ME” (1995)

Originally titled “Tiny Tim Tromps Through The Twentieth Century, adiposity ” this album was to be one of Tiny’s final efforts before his death in 1996. The backing band mostly consisted of the Chicago-based band The Sediments, rx who chronicle the making of the album on their website:

“When Fot Records/Home Recordings owner Steve Rubin asked Pink Bob in 1993 if he’d be interested in taking on a Tiny Tim CD, try Pink initially thought he was joking. He wasn’t. Steve took care of all of the business aspects of the project, and Pink was given the legendary ukulele star’s phone number.

After several mind-bendingly long conversations over the phone, Pink had compiled a list of ancient recording artists (and heard Tiny Tim’s rendition of them over the phone sung loudly from his Des Moines hotel room at ungodly hours of the morning). A few trips to the local libraries turned up many of them, and for weeks he actually drove around McLean County in his Mazda with Al Jolson and Bing Crosby drowning out the farm implements and honking minivans.

Tiny showed up at Sedistudio Lexington for two full days of recording, both multitracked material Pink had prepared and stream-of-consciousness solo DAT offerings. After some much-deserved rest, Steve and Pink poured over what they had and couldn’t help but noticing they were quite short of a proper-length CD release.

Steve set out to find what rarities and short-run indie 45 releases he could license, and Pink decided to put together a special version of The Sediments to flesh out their half of the CD…Notable guests included infamous home taper R. Stevie Moore (on ‘She Left Me With the Herpes’) and Eugene Chadbourne (master of ceremonies for the wonderfully demented ‘Depression Medley’). Sadly, Steve Rubin died of cancer in 1994 before the project was completed. Shelved for another year, the CD was finally released on Negativland’s Seeland label with the addition of a handfull of tracks from the fabled ‘Wedding Album’ sessions in Minneapolis.

Prior to the master musicologist’s death in December 1996, he confided in Pink Bob over the telephone that he felt that ‘I Love Me’ more than any other release showcased the breadth of his musical interests. He was still slightly befuddled over the ‘Depression Medley’ featuring the long-distance duet of himself and Eugene Chadbourned (whom he’d never heard of!), but, when Pink pointed out it was his own personal avant garde ‘Revolution #9′ statement, he laughed.”

Tiny Tim – “I Love Me” CD (ZIP file)

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  1. Arvo says:

    I was just ripping this looking for album art. Thank you for posting the history, I probably wouldn’t have happened upon it. For anyone who hasn’t listened yet, you’re in for a treat!