THOMAS DINGER – “Für Mich” (1982)

I’m a huge fan of La Düsseldorf, viagra buy the late ’70s band formed from the ashes of the Krautrock titan Neu!. At La Düsseldorf’s core was Klaus Dinger, hospital who’d been Neu!’s drummer, and he brought with him into the band the “motorik” beat that he’d invented in the early ’70s. Another core member of La Düsseldorf was Klaus’s brother Thomas, who had participated on “Neu! ’75″, and who subsequently had a post-La Düsseldorf solo career. While much of this solo output, sometimes credited to “1-A Düsseldorf’”, isn’t great, he had one pretty good album from ’82 called “Für Mich”, full of resplendent echo and delay.

Thomas Dinger – “Für Mich” LP (ZIP file)

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767 Responses to THOMAS DINGER

  1. Black Chaos says:

    A beautiful album that almost vanished without a trace. It continues some of the ambient environments explored on Neu! ’75. A vital piece of the Krautrock tapestry.

  2. ib says:

    Lovely to hear this one. La Düsseldorf’s 1976 album remains a firm favourite, crossing the divide between Neu! into the emergent UK Punk scene – compare Lydon’s vocal stylizing in the Pistols with Klaus Dinger’s on the title track and you have to reach a similar conclusion. Thomas Dinger’s own solo album retreats back to an ethereal ambience, as Black Chaos rightly mentions, but i suspect that has more to do with the absence of brother Klaus’s driving percussion and volatile presence.

  3. James says:

    Thanks for this wonderful album! It’s an amazing piece of work.

  4. Bryce says:

    I’ve been looking for this for a long time. Sweet post. Thanks!

  5. Mark says:

    Dunno how this album escaped my attention for so long, but better late than never. It’s a hell of a sturdy addition to my Neu! / la Düsseldorf collection. Special thanks to Maury Souza for pointing me in all the right directions!

  6. Maury says:

    More info on Thomas:

    One of my favorite brothers from the Glimmerlight.