THE SOUND – live ’84

Poor, pfizer poor Adrian Borland. My heart truly goes out to the man, viagra 100mg for not only was he a terrific lyricist and writer of many sweet hooks, viagra but his mental illness forced him to commit suicide by hurling himself in front of an uncoming train.

He’s best known for fronting the The Sound, a post-punk band in the vein of Echo And The Bunnymen or U2, but what sets The Sound apart were their lyrics, which in retrospect (much like those of Joy Division’s Ian Curtis) point towards the deep personal anguish that Borland must have felt as a sufferer of depression and mental illness. While the band’s later ’80s albums sound samey, the first three are key: “Jeopardy” (1980), “From The Lion’s Mouth” (1981) and “All Fall Down” (1982).

Their albums sales might’ve been poor during the course of their career (possibly due to Borland’s unusual apperance for a rock frontman: a little chubby and a little too intense), but The Sound were known for putting on seriously explosive live shows, such as this one, from ’84. Highly recommended.

The Sound – Live 1984 (ZIP file)

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  1. Tim B. says:

    One of my all time favorite bands! I was lucky enough to work with Adrian around the time of his solo album, Cinematic, in the mid 90′s. He was a troubled soul, but the music was out of this world. RIP.

    Thanks for posting!

  2. Max Murdoc says:

    From the Lions Mouth equals anything that Echo and the Bunnymen ever did….and I really like Echo and the Bunnymen!

    Isn’t it strange how musicians who do such great things almost always have some kind of problem which sometimes leads to their death?

  3. bill p says:

    Excellent choice. Glad I found this band before it was too late. Thanks

  4. Geoff says:

    it took a lot of searching to track down stuff by these folks after the fact (I dare you to type “the sound” in any search engine and wade through stuff). Your description of Borland seems apt — he does come across as almost uncomfortably intense. Worth delving into though.

    Any chance you have a song/track order for the show?

  5. mike johnson says:

    hey bret b. i knew this was yers from the egg city label
    nice. remember our rhino days
    -mike johnson

  6. dr_lorax says:

    One of the best blogs around,you rock dude!

  7. CPR says:

    Man, this and the RRR 500 post made my month… These live tracks downloaded onto my desktop in a folder which only has the songs arranged by name, so if you could tell us the actual tracklisting, that’d be great.

    Any chance of posting some of Adrian’s other projects, like Second Layer or Honolulu Mountain Daffodils?

    My only minor complaint with Egg City Radio: Could you limit the “Wikipedia sez”ing? You could theoretically be posting stuff written by a random 12 year old… But then again, I guess that’s part of the charm of it…

  8. Scott Ferguson says:

    Yikes, their later albums are my faves! On the contrary, I think they developed exponentially as a band toward the end, especially with Adrian’s lyrics, although some of the production on the mid-80s stuff (as with many great bands of the time) hasn’t aged well.

    I know it’s absolute sacrilege among the band’s fanbase to say so, and I never have in a public forum, but I think FROM THE LION’S MOUTH is a bit overrated. Sure, it’s got classic post-punk atmosphere and crisp production, but there’s something about the collection as a whole that seems a bit empty, standout tracks aside.

    HEADS AND HEARTS and THUNDER UP, on the other hand, are breathtaking to me for their nakedness of emotion and unpredictable songwriting. See the tracks “Total Recall,” “Mining for Heart,” and “Barria Alta.” Unfortunately, THUNDER UP is tied up legally and is the only LP that hasn’t seen reissue.

    All minor quibbles, though, as this band was truly wonderful through and through. And yes, very tragic about Adrian, especially considering how hopeful some of his lyrics were.

  9. Serge ZENI says:

    Hello there! Thanks a million for The Sound. Adrian was great. Forever will be…
    All the best,

  10. martin says:

    Great post. Great band. Really regret never seeing them live. Do you have a track order?

  11. Serge ZENI says:

    Hi everyone! I’d like to know if anyone here would be interested in Into Paradise, a great Irish band that Adrian Borland produced. If so, I’d be delighted to post their albums on this site. Please, feel free to email me at:

  12. Dew says:

    Fucking brilliant, I dont know why people even compare the sound to Joy Division, Echo and the bunnymen, and the Chameleons The sound piss on all of them from a great height, the only bands that equal them are The Comsat Angels and Cabaret Voltaire, as far as Liverpool groups go there are much better bands than Echo and the Bunnymen like The Wild Swans or Teardrop Explodes, much better.

  13. bruno says:

    one of the best band ever, for me they are like OPPOSITION, sensitive and emotional songs.A pitty they were not more recognized by people but they are as great as JOY DIVISION………..

  14. bruno says:

    one of the best band ever, very sensitive and emotional……..the best you expect from music

  15. Chris says:

    Thanks for posting this. I downloaded this from your site when you first posted it and I keep coming back to listen to it. And it’s made me reevaluate the Sounds’ later discog.

  16. Jeff says:

    I saw the Sound in San Francisco on an unseasonably warm Summer night with only about 100-200 people in a small dance club. It was one of the best live performances I’ve ever seen. The intensity and emotion belied the small crowd. I’ve been a fan ever since. Thanks for this.