STRANGLERS – 2 live sets

Whether it’s the strange keyboard lines snaking through each song, medications the fuck-all attitude or the clever songwriting (excluding the embarrassing “Bring On The Nubiles”), prostate I just can never get over The Stranglers.

You can find a terrifc live Stranglers set from Toronto ’80 elsewhere on Egg City Radio, found here.

There’s an official Stranglers CD released called “Forgotten Heroes”, that’s taken from a Cleveland appearance in ’78, but I don’t know if this is the same set or not.

The Stranglers – Live At the Hope And Anchor, 1977 (ZIP file)
The Stranglers – Live, Cleveland 1978 (ZIP file)

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679 Responses to STRANGLERS

  1. Hugh Jasole says:

    Now, now… Letme letme fuck you fuck you…I’ll take BOTN along with all the rest! -Hugh

  2. Robert Laversuch says:

    Thank you for posting – been after that Hope and Anchor gig for a while. Love the BOTN track as it is off my fave LP of theirs. It is so ridiculously intentionally over the top that it fits in with all of their stuff. The Cocktail Nubiles version tries to even go beyond the original and succeeds “with flying colours”.As to bass – unique – and the Doors keyboard meanderings – without comparison. Just listening to Tits last night and Hugh´s intro to the band made me almost piss myself laughing.
    As to the Cleveland gig, Has slightly different tracklist to the CD I own – Forgotten Heroes – but it does have tracks 2 and 3 mislabelled and your gig doesn´t have Down in the Sewer(Reprise) on it nor Tank, but the CD doesn´t have 5 Minutes on it and the song times with some songs are a good bit different. In the words of Brian Wilson – God only knows
    Stay alive Robert

  3. mbjones says:

    thanks for the downloads. The Stranglers are(were) an amazing band that never got the recognition they deserve. imo, BOTN is not embarrassing at all and one of their most pointed songs. Who else could write a song that captures mans pulsing loins in a 3 minute track. Hugh Cornwell and JJ. Burnell, that’s who!!! Thanks again!!!