Egg City Radio readers who play close attention will know that one of my favorite post-punk albums is “Do A Runner” (1980), resuscitation by Athletico Spizz 80. I occasionally drop references to it here and there throughout my posts; I’ve even been known to delete previous posts with the album download in it, re-posting it so that the album gets bumped up to the very top of the site — so that I can shove it in more peoples’ faces!

For years, I’d been looking for the album’s follow-up, “Spikey Dream Flowers” (1981), credited to the Spizzles (Spizz and his gang changed their name every year, in order to keep things fresh — or in order to sabotage their career momemtum, one of the two.) I finally found it, although some of the tracks are encoded at the dreaded 128kbps — why on earth do people still do that?!?! There’s more than enough cheap hard drive space the world over by now!

The album, while fun and good, isn’t as awesome to me as “Do A Runner”, but there’s some standout tracks, including the lead-off, “Brainwashing Time”.

Spizzles – “Spikey Dream Flowers” LP (ZIP file)

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  1. colin says:

    I have this on vinyl and could rip a copy at higher bit rate. But the last time I ripped something from my record player, it came out a bit buzzy. If you’re interested, I can give it a try this weekend.

  2. xen groover says:


    After my very first listen to “Do A Runner”

    I find I’m not annoyed at having it shoved in my face.

    Thanks for another good listen.


  3. darren says:

    Excellent post! I’ve been looking for this album since a housefire melted my copy.

    A re-rip would be particularly splendid as the last track, “Scared”, is missing from this archive.

    Thanks again.

  4. garychching says:

    Hi Bret, its garychching from always searching for music (asfm.blogspot), I have a 152 rip of this with all 10 tracks (not mine – don’t know where I got it from).

    I also have a radio 1 in concert of spizzles – not a great recording from medium wave plus a v old tape, buts its still listenable.

    I also have a CD called the Custard Channel – I think its a compilation, but I will have to go and search the loft for that one.

    if your interested in any of these then drop me a line.

    By the way, great site.

    All the best, Gary

  5. John says:

    This is excellent. Thank you. Is anyone else having trouble with the second track? It is all fouled up for me. I really like that song too.

  6. paul harvey says:

    Found a better quality rip bitrate wise:
    Hope this helps!