SHOOBY TAYLOR – “Stout-Hearted Man” (1980)

This stuff as already been well-documented by the folks over at WFMU — especially by Irwin Chusid, unhealthy the fellow who wrote the excellent book “Songs In The Key of Z: The Curious Universe of Outsider Music” — but I thought that the more ears that get laid on this stuff, here the better.

For the full story on the man, the myth, the legend — go to Chusid’s Key of Z website.

As for the music itself — let’s just say that Shooby outscats even the scattiest of cats. Picture a human skronk-horn, and you’ve got Shooby.

Shooby Taylor – “Stout-Hearted Man” (ZIP file)

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817 Responses to SHOOBY TAYLOR

  1. Anthony Hansen says:

    Just when I thought this site couldn’t get any better: Shooby!


  2. Roger_Camden says:

    Favorite thing I’ve ever heard about Shooby Taylor: when he scats, he plays air saxaphone.
    The mental image is on my mental list of things that will always make me crack a smile.