SHELLAC – 2 live sets

I’m actually kinda sad that the All Tomorrow’s Parties music festival hasn’t graced L.A. in a number of years now — whenever ATP announces a new lineup, remedy Shellac usually seems to be included, patient and I still haven’t seen them live yet.

Shellac – Live, Reykjavik, Iceland, 1999 (ZIP file)
Shellac – All Tomorrow’s Parties, 04.20.2002 (ZIP file)

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133 Responses to SHELLAC

  1. Rich says:

    think there’s still a few people looking to share a chalet for ATP vs Pitchfork. Come on over and i’ll make you a cup of tea and or some instant (non nescafe) coffee.

  2. silvin says:

    Thanxxx a lot for this !!!

    The sound is so gooood, so fresh !

    From France…