DYMAXION – “Dymaxion x 4 + 3 = 38:33″ (2001)

Sampling has become a fact of life in nearly all corners of music making, here which is why it’s so refreshing to hear the technique used in an unusual way. Dymaxion, dermatologist a band with mysterious origins (due to their lack of a personnel listing on all their early 7″ releases) who exclusively used the sampler as their main instrument, more about first started appearing in the late ’90s with singles that featured such bizarre song titles as “Aha, Sissy Arsonist” and “Cognitive Dissonance Penitenitary.”

At first, I thought the band was a secret side project of Stereolab’s, since a few of the early singles were on Stereolab’s Duophonic imprint, but as it turns out the band is comprised of a coupla New Yorkers. Allmusic sez:

Dymaxion was the New York-based post-rock project of Jeremy Novak and Claudia Newell, who specialized in fusing playful sound collages with live instrumentation. They often shared Stereolab’s retro-futurist obsessions, sampling old sound-effects LPs, robotic voices, and an array of vintage electronics. Most of their songs were underpinned by funky, off-kilter drum loops, and borrowed the fragmentary songwriting aesthetic of indie rockers like Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 and, by extension, cartoon experimenters Carl Stalling and Raymond Scott.

In concert, a live band usually replicated the abrupt twists and turns created on the recordings via tape splicing. To this mix, Novak and Newell often added odd dialogue samples, twangy spy-soundtrack guitar, and clanging post-punk (a la the Fall or Swell Maps). The results were often comparable to electronic eccentrics like Matmos, Pram, or Stock, Hausen & Walkman, with hints of electro-acoustic post-rockers like To Rococo Rot.

In 2001, Dymaxion’s four EPs — plus two compilation tracks cut for Dark Beloved Cloud, and a live recording — were compiled onto the group’s first full-length release, Dymaxion x 4 + 3 = 38:33. It was issued in the U.S. by Roomtone, in the U.K. and Europe by Duophonic, and in Japan by Shibuya-kei star Cornelius’ Trattoria label.”

Dymaxion – “Dymaxion x 4 + 3 = 38:33″ CD (ZIP file)


Japanese. Girl band. Racuous. Fun. Catchy. Prolific. Colorful. Strong. Simple. Underheard, viagra order
underappreciated. Took name from XTC song. Very out-of-print. Download. Now.

2001 (ZIP file)
Screaming Seagull Kiss Her Kiss Her – “Fly” EP, 1996 (ZIP file)

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  1. bb says:

    syntax error.

    its actually “seagull screaming kiss her kiss her”.

    name comes from an old XTC song.

  2. Kenneth Edmond Anderson says:

    “No No No” and “17″ are their my personal favorite SSKHKH albums.

  3. Kenneth Edmond Anderson says:

    And by that I mean: “No No No” and “17″ are my personal favorite SSKHKH albums.

  4. ellie mae says:

    woah never thought id get my hands on this again!

  5. ib says:

    Girl Band ? That’s one bad case of facial hair.

  6. Guy Incognito says:

    I saw these awesomely talented and remarkably humble (I guess that’s Japanese culture + total lack of knowledge of english) people play a set at yoyo a gogo seven years ago. They made me swoon. I had an opportunity to raid their merch table but spent my last $10 on a street haircut + my new best friend (’cause she’d go yoyoagogoing with me) wouldn’t lend me the $$$ it would have taken to buy out their entire discography, which is what I would have done if they took credit cards. Free money, delicious free money. The haircut was really well-done, at least. I spent a few weeks looking like Andy Warhol before it reverted to jungle cavemanity. For at least two years I looked for someplace to buy what I had passed up for vanity. Cheap vanity. Never did find any SSKHKH sites that weren’t in Japanese. Then I forgot about them completely until one day your golddurned blog has to make like a bukkake flick all over my face with this AND MSR Madness AND AND AND everything else.

    Which is to say, thank you.

    And that’s how Seagull[s] screaming kiss her kiss her changed my life

  7. Gary says:

    Bless you for posting these. My favorite band of the 90s.