Whatever you’re doing right now, anesthetist whatever you’re listening to, whatever you’ve got planned to listen to next — drop everything, download this right now, and listen to it RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

This is simply one of the best funk/soul albums I’ve ever heard. I feel like a total idiot for not having know about it before, and after having listened to it seventeen times in a row just now, I must share it with all of you. Some superb rhythm section playing + some catchy-ass vocal melodies/chants = one helluva good time.

Yet — has the gall to say “the record is at most an above-average disco release — the musical equivalent of a master chef wasting his time and talents making a hamburger.” Bah! Shows you just how off the mark they can be sometimes.

Roy Ayers – “A Tear To A Smile” LP (ZIP file)

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178 Responses to ROY AYERS

  1. chris says:

    haha, ok, ok! i’m downloading now!

    to be honest, i’ve never heard this one before either, and after reading your impressions of it, i’m pretty excited. i’ve always thought that ‘everybody loves the sunshine’ and ‘he’s coming’ were his landmark albums. thanks!

  2. fritzthecat says:

    so, the post-punk rocker has seen the light.
    Bless. :-)

  3. chris says:

    alright, i gotta say, this album didn’t do it for me. i found it to be full of what i don’t like about Ayers, namely that soft-serve vibes sound. i didn’t find the rhythm section sounding terribly organic either, which, for me, tends to be the problem with a lot of his work.

  4. Roger_Camden says:

    >whatever you’ve got planned to listen to next — drop everything, download this right now, and listen to it RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

    Jeepers! I’m doing it, I’m doing it!

  5. bcr says:

    yum! roy ayers is a total fucking genius! thanx for sharing this!

  6. todd hart says:

    Roy Ayers music is one of the geniuses of that era and was one of the first artists I bought a lot of. And if this album was his only work it probably would command master prices on rare collector boards. But compared to Everybody Loves the Sunshine, Running Away, Poo Poo La La . . . it’s just not legendary. Still some nice sounds, but not legendary. You gotta also check out the Roy Ayers/Fela Kuti collaberation – Music of Many Colours. It’s special groovy.

    But on a separate note, your blog is sizzling these days!

  7. chubby dortmonger says:

    I took your advice and stopped everything that I was doing at the time(which,obviously was going through the posts on your blog) and downloaded this album..and I listened to it..Now,don’t get me wrong here,we all appreciate your time and your effort posting the stuff to be found here but,come on…let’s be honest here..were you on something when you heard this complete piece of dog doo?I mean,really?This has got to be among the top 100 boring garbage albums of all time..Yeah,I know,there are a LOT of boring garbage albums out there but most are by unknowns(who deserve to stay that way) but this is by a guy who was big in his day(and is probably one of the reasons why he didn’t remain big for all that long)…So come on..Warn us the next time that you are mixing chemicals and music,so that we don’t have to suffer through another disaster like this on your say-so…

  8. djc says:

    @ chubby

    dang mang, it’s a free album. settle down. i haven’t heard it yet, but when getting into any ayers album, there is that daunting possibility of cheese. but there are always amply amounts of funk, so hopefully the two balance out…..many thanks.

  9. Ian says:

    You’ve almost surely seen it before, but for my favorite example of AMG having some no-nothing write a review of a great album he utterly and completely can’t understand, you’ll enjoy their review of Alex Chilton’s ‘Like Flies on Sherbert,’ just fantastically wrong nonsense.