RAMONES – 2 1/2 live sets

When I was in junior high, information pills I so desperately wanted to commit murder, y’see. I wanted to take the life of C.J. Ramone, who had taken the place of Dee Dee as the bass player in the Ramones. I didn’t want to end the man’s life because he had replaced Dee Dee, but rather because I wanted to be the bass player instead!

I had just started taking up bass, and in-between learning Metallica and Rush songs, I made my way through learning nearly the entire Ramones catalogue. Sadly, it was not to be, as the band called it quits before I finished high school.

I only got to meet one of the Ramones once. It was Johnny, almost eight years ago, at the specialty video store I still work at in L.A. One day, Vincent Gallo (of all people) came in with Johnny Ramone in tow! Apparently they were best friends or something, and wanted to get hooked up with a few horror films. As they entered, I had Magazine’s first album, “Real Life”, on the store stereo, and as they approached the counter, Johnny asked in his trademark New Yawk drawl, “Hey, which band is this?” Supressing the urge to faint dead away at his mere presence in my vicinity, I told him Magazine, and as if in the middle of an interview, without an official acknowledgement of him being who he was, he told me “Oh, yeah, these guys opened for us once back East in the late ’70s. They were kinda weird”, and we exchanged a knowing nod. RIP, Johnny. I love ya to pieces, even though you ended your Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame speech with “God bless President Bush”, ya fucking idiot.

Ramones – Live At The Roxy, 1976 (ZIP file)
Ramones – NYC 1978 (King Biscuit Flower Hour) (ZIP file)
Ramones – Live, Cleveland, OH, 09.22.81 (ZIP file)

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  1. i dont know what it was about johnny. he was maybe the most bad ass in that he was so conservative and tightly wound and sexy and scary all at the same time and i like that kind of man. joey, the sweet unbeknowest of his own magic kind of a guy, is sexy too but issues, issues are for the girls in the relationships and i guess im talkin sex here now. see what you get when girls get into rock and roll music?

    but gee i thought i was lucky when i saw the flesh eaters and chris d stepped on my hand and then smiled apologetically. at least i made you look less nerdy.

  2. joel says:

    That is a great Johnny Ramone story. Whether you agree or not with how he ended his speech, it was totally Johnny. I wouldn’t have expected anything else.

  3. stretcher says:

    Hello Again! Here from Portugal. Ramones is not my favorite Punk Rock band but his music stain in memory of every one. Thanks for all.

  4. monkey monkey says:

    rockin, thanks.

  5. nazz nomad says:

    awesome- thanks so much for this

    i met johnny once in nyc in the early 80′s. we were very high on mushrooms and as we genuflected in his presense out of fear and respect, I think we scared him a little.

  6. decay says:

    I saw the Ramones about 5 or 6 times. spoke a few words to Joey once, he was sort of quiet. He was waiting to play Dig-Dug after me. Took Dee-Dee on an herb run once, in a borrowed car, with some local sound/roadie guy giving directions to the dealer’s house. Dee-Dee liked to chat, mostly about The Chesterfield Kings that night. Met Marky & Johnny years later at a horror convention in Secaucus, NJ. They both signed my “Groups of Wrath” CD even though Marky wasn’t even on it. What a good sport. Johnny’s white Ford Fairlaine was spotted in the parking garage.

    I’ll always have a special place in my heart for the Ramones. Gabba gabba hey.

  7. Empire Hancock says:

    On the “live at the Roxy” set, something is terribly, terribly wrong with “Chainsaw” — was this copied from a scratched-up cd or something? Incidentally, this set appears in full on the Rhino reissue of “Leave Home”.

  8. hank says:

    wasnt the bass player from anthrax a replacement for dee dee ramone .