PAUL VERHOEVEN – DVD audio commentaries for “BUSINESS IS BUSINESS” (1971) and “TURKISH DELIGHT” (1973)

Dutch director Paul Verhoeven has given us such awesome flicks as “Robocop”, viagra dosage “Total Recall”, decease “Basic Instinct”, arthritis “Starship Troopers”, and, yes, “Showgirls” — but before he came to Hollywood, he directed a series of equally great films in his native Holland throughout the ’70s and early ’80s. The first two of these features were “Wat zien ik” (“Business Is Business”, 1971), a bubbly, fast-paced comedy about two “working girls” in Amsterdam’s red light district, and “Turks fruit” (“Turkish Delight”, 1973), an out-of-control gonzo portrait of infatuated love starring Rutger Hauer that went on to become what is still the most-attended Dutch film in that country’s history.

Both of these films, along with Verhoeven’s two other ’70s Dutch productions, were given the DVD treatment here in the U.S. by Anchor Bay, back in 2001 — and, sadly, they’re now all very much out-of-print.

Verhoeven gave audio commentaries for all four of these films, which is a real delight for me, since listening to Verhoeven’s well-informed, mile-a-minute accented brogue on these tracks is easily as entertaining as listening to Werner Herzog’s DVD commentaries. I recommend these Verhoeven commentaries to you, even if you haven’t seen the films in question, because he’s got such a great voice. He could read the phone book, and I’d listen to that shit.

In terms of the two films themselves, I’d actually recommend “Business Is Business” over the much-celebrated “Turkish Delight”, since “Turkish Delight” has at its core two highly despicable losers as its protagonists, while the leading ladies of “Business Is Business” are much more well-rounded, charming characters.

Paul Verhoeven – “Business Is Business” DVD audio commentary (MP3)
Paul Verhoeven – “Turkish Delight” DVD audio commentary (MP3)

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268 Responses to PAUL VERHOEVEN

  1. Doc says:

    Your Verhoeven mileage seems to have varied from mine ( But because on this site you display such terrific taste and noble intent there’s nothing I can do but give Mr. V another listen.

    (In all seriousness, many thanks for all your excellent Egg City work!)

  2. Phill says:

    “easily as entertaining as listening to Werner Herzog’s DVD commentaries”.

    I think you need to make another post so’s we all can verify this assertion for ourselves. :)

  3. code verifier says:

    “Wat zien ik” is actually showing on one of the Dutch commercial channels here in the Netherlands tonight. I might even have a look at it (and maybe listen to V’s comments at the same time?). Nothing wrong with Showgirls by the way. Me and my wife quite liked it when we watched it a few years back. But then I’m Dutch and maybe more in tune with V’s perspective?