This is the very last album-length download I’d previously posted on my old blog, steroids Post-Punk Junk. I’ve been reluctant to put this one up until now. When I’d originally posted it, cystitis it was downloaded 2, ask 500 times in less than a week, and crashed the server of my web hosting company at the time. It was worth it, though!

I promise new posts will return shortly. Been dealing with new job issues — stuff that’s ultimately for the better.


Paul Stanley needs no introduction. Every fucking song at a Kiss live show, however, seems to need one, an inane overly-rehearsed one at that, and some mad genius out there has finally made a CD-length compilation of some of the gems in the Paul Stanley Crowd Interaction canon. A good friend who’s been obsessed with Stanley’s onstage patter for years tipped me off to this one; he’s the same friend who pointed out to me that Stanley, in between songs, sounds less like the frontman for an international megaband than a shrill Christopher Street queen stuck outside a club at three in the morning, frantically searching on the wet pavement for the last few poppers that accidentally flew out of his hand onto the ground.

Paul Stanley – “People, Let Me Get This Off My Chest” (ZIP file)

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826 Responses to PAUL STANLEY

  1. Jude says:

    Enduring all 70 tracks is nothing short of iron-willed. He’s not just a ham– he’s the whole bleedin’ pig. BTW, i know it’s silly to request particular anti-spam words, but “chestwig” would’ve really turned the trick.

  2. Dan says:

    Listen! I know, I know everybody’s hot from all that Paul Stanley patter. I feel like I’ve got rock-and-roll pneumonia. In fact, I’m feeling hotter then hell. How am I doin’ so far? I like the taste of alcohol, but I never drink and drive. How am I doin’ so far? Listen! I know, I know you’ll read comments from others on the chat, but only I’m working hard for you. Hello Internets! Let’s call out the doctor – Doctor Love! Woo!

  3. Snidley says:

    Mr. Stanley seems quite sincere in his admiration for the audience. Kudos to him!

  4. Don says:

    his chest tupe is second only to the one on his head.
    hilarious post, thanks!

  5. Alright Toronto! says:

    I’ve been waiting for this one to get re-posted. I’m so glad I can listen to the whole thing. Thanks.

  6. Phill says:

    Nice one. I don’t know how I missed downloading this one before.

  7. chnkltgy says:

    Would you believe I met the guy that assembled this collection at a Comedians of Comedy show in DC? He got in touch w/me afterwards and told me that a follow up CD is in the works (if not already done by now). If I ever want my wife to leave me alone for an hour (or ten) I put this on and let the good times roll!

  8. Baal of Confusion says:

    Perhaps I’m not sufficiently masochistic, but I was only able to listen to about 10 tracks or so before I removed it all from my play list. Holy shit, this is some godawful, and inadvertantly hilarious, stuff.

  9. says:

    > Dan Says:
    >…Hello Internets! Let’s call out the doctor – Doctor Love! Woo!

    Rock on, Dan.

    Dunno if I’ll ever get thru this whole thing, but since it’s only tagged Track 01, Track 02, etc. I’ve started transcribing them.

    Because I _am_ that kind of masochist.

  10. HeyWard says:

    Xopher -

    When you’re done transcribing, will you be posting the transcriptions anywhere?

  11. says:

    I got numb about two-thirds through. When / If I finish the massive and massively painful undertaking, I’ll be sure to post a link here.

  12. Txedomoon says:

    OK, initially humorous… eventually painful.
    I would have to imagine many of the corporate
    arena bands had a similar structure of oft-said
    cliche, but it’s scary to have them compiled and
    presented to the world.

  13. Chick from cover of Love Gun says:

    Ah! It’s missing one! A classic from the Edwin Newman special: “Awright! Gonna have a good time! Rock’n’roll for the people! The music makes everybody happy! I wanna dance! I wanna sing! I wanna BE somebody!” LOL!

  14. brian says:

    lol wtf doe’s he every shut up just sing paul for fuck sake’s hell i’m american & i can hardly stand listening to him now when someone’s pissed him off now that’s the cd i want of him talking shit from every show lol.But this cheesy intro’s done by him man wtf just buy a shotgun for me guy’s i’ll do me myself see you in hell fuckers.